IncGamers: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Review [Xbox 360]

IncGamers' Andy Alderson takes on Techland's Wild West shooter prequel.

From the review:

Nevertheless, it's hard to knock Techland for this when you look at the game as a whole – the overall game structure is undoubtedly better and, with no sneaking sections to worry about, the game can concentrate on delivering action. And there's a lot of action. Gunplay in Call of Juarez is definitely satisfying - aiming and firing feels quick and responsive, while the weapons all pack a satisfyingly meaty punch, allowing you to take down most enemies in a single well-placed shot.

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Chazmers3448d ago

Looks Good. Haven't played the first though.

syrinx3448d ago

Still not sure about this one, good score but not sure if its my cup of tea :)

Dorjan3448d ago

Doesn't sound all that good to me

Fyzzu3448d ago

This actually sounds rather good. Wasn't too hyped about this before, but... well, I could do with a decent shooter.

Leord3448d ago

The dialogue is hilarious.

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