Apple dropping NVIDIA in future iMacs and laptops?

It has been speculated that Apple are planning to end their partnership with graphics company Nvidia in future versions of the iMac and laptop ranges in the next few years to come.

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SuperStrokey11233487d ago

Does apple also use nvidia in their cell phones? If so then they would need to make several changes and i just dont see that happening.

STK0263487d ago

I don't think they do. Nvidia's Tegra platform is ready and will be powering the iTouch'S rival, the ZuneHD. I believe if nvidia were involved with the iPhone/iTouch, they would have put the tegra platform in it aswell.

Information Minister3487d ago

The iPhone uses a Samsung CPU and a PowerVR GPU (yes, the same powerVR architecture used in the Dreamcast). There are no Nvidia components in any version of the iPhone.

SuperStrokey11233487d ago

Thanks for the answers guys!

DJ3487d ago

nVidia's been a great addition to the Mac hardware.

STK0263487d ago

maybe they remember the problems with the 8600M GT, I had one, so I remember.

kwyjibo3487d ago

Yeah, I don't know if it affected the Mac versions, but the Geforce 8 Mobile series was dreadful - laptop manufacturers had to issue BIOS updates which just span the fan 100% because nVidia got the solder wrong.

DailyAddict3487d ago

Very unlikely this will happen, especially since ATI doesn't have any good 'low end' cards that most of the Macbook's are using. Not to mention the hybrid graphics chip that's highly responsible for the Macbook's better battery life and ATI has nothing like that. This is more speculative conjecture than anything else because of a few defects (probably written by an angry Apple fan). I'd say the chance of this happening though are: zero, especially since nVidia and Apple also just launched the higher end Nvidia GTX 285. Their relationship is fine.

Jdoki3487d ago

It wouldn't surprise me. Nvidia's problems with the 8series GPU's and arrogance in admitting the issue has finally come back to bite them.

I heard a rumor Dell are doing the same thing.

Bonsai12143487d ago

well, Nvidia has moved on to the 9xxx series for all of apple's stuff, and i've heard only glowing reviews of those. if they do cut out nvidia (which i don't see them doing) i don't see ATI as a viable alternative.

darthv723487d ago

Apple has been making intel based machines for a little while now so maybe it will pan out for them to use the full integrated intel chipset. Maybe not for gaming (i have not been keeping up on intel gpu for gaming info) but for productivity and video processing programs (photoshop, video editing, etc).

Oh well...nvidia still has sony to buy their product.

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