Rumour : PSP GO launch canceled in France

According to, Sony could decide not to launch the PSP Go to France, at least at first. A real coup de théâtre that occur only a few weeks after its announcement on the sidelines of the E3 2009. The manufacturer was forced to back due to pressure from major retailers in France. We know that the PSP Go no longer has any physical support, but only the ability to download games and content dematerialized.

The view is simple: the French distribution would have no interest to sell a machine without generating a profit on games and passing the second hand market. Moreover, it recalls that the manufacturer has planned to continue the distribution of the PSP model 3000 (with UMD support). Although it is not official, it is serious enough that we publish in these columns. For if the cancellation of the PSP Go to France now seems unthinkable, the machine could lag behind its originally scheduled launch on 1 October. This also raises an important question about the content dematerialized: Sony is too far ahead of its time ?

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SuperStrokey11233448d ago

Sucks for consumers if this is true, we arn't being allowed to vote with our wallets. The retailers are doing it for us now it seems...

ANother possibility i was thinking was that maybe the psp go has such a high msrp as they are giving more to retails that they were before to help counter act this type of backlash. Prehaps not.

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napoleon_ist3448d ago

hey, is a xbox360 biaised $hitty site though it is france's most popular, however this is jeuxvideo.Fr (not which is an amateur site !! :D

Automat3448d ago

Should know that people can buy games and consoles on the internet, not giving them any money either... Thet's their future no matter how much they want it.