SideStep: The Possible Downfall of iTunes? takes a look at the changes in the iTunes pricing structure that not only affects music lovers but gamers alike. Lets be frank, the PS3 isn't the most friendly device when it comes to an iPod, especially if you have purchased songs from iTunes - the new pricing structure of iTunes only hurts gamers more. What once use to be a very conveniently priced service has turned into yet another service that abuses nickel and diming its consumer base.

With competition out there like, have we seen the peak of iTunes? Find out what TripleChat thinks in their second SideStep article after the jump...

And here's to hoping Sony soon patches the PS3 to allow for Mac formatted iPods to work on the system.

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TomMcBaum3397d ago

Anyone who's surprised that an Apple product doesn't interoperate "as seamlessly" with other technologies doesn't understand how Apple motivates people to buy more Apple products. Losing the DRM was something Apple did only after Amazon's DRM-free model (and often lower prices!) began really eroding their market dominance.