MMO Addiction: Real or Imaginary?

It seems as if everywhere you turn, someone has a problem with video games these days. Even the President of the United States, it appears. Addressing the American Medical Association last week, President Barack Obama outlined a series of "preventative care" issues deemed important to modern health care reform. Limiting the amount of time that kids spend playing video games is a small part of that plan. "The second step that people can all agree on is to invest more in preventive care so that they can avoid illness and disease in the first place,"

Obama said at the press conference, referring to his reform plan. "That starts with each of us taking more responsibility for our health and the health of our children. It means going for a run or hitting the gym, and raising our children to step away from the video games and spend more time playing outside."

It's tough to ignore the ongoing media trend of reporting video games in a negative light.

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