Please, Sony, save the PS2

Gamer Limit writes "Back in 2001, I purchased my very first Playstation 2. A magnificent beast it was, with its Atari like design and blacky-blue aura. From a decent DVD player to a spectacular gaming console, it served me well until the Summer of 2004 when a leaky roof in a dodgy rental combined with electricity to blow it to bits."

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rockleex3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Is just too awesome. O_O

Anyways, great article. If PCSX2 works on PC, it means Sony should be able to get PS2 running through emulation on the Cell and RSX.

The Cell is a mini-supercomputer.

Theonik3486d ago

It's not as easy as it sounds if it was this simple they would have done it years ago, unfortunately the main limitation is not with processing power but in RAM, the ps3 doesn't have sufficient RAM to run emulators which is what they are trying to accomplish now (emulating both the emotion engine and graphics synthesizer at the same time)

nothere4133486d ago

I have an old fat PS2 and through regular cleaning, I've managed to keep it working. But, it's a real pain in the ass to have to drag it out just to play certain PS2 games. Make with the magic, Sony! We want software emulation!

FamilyGuy3486d ago

I have a 80Gb model with BC but im still upset that my old fatty stopped reading disc, and i mean period, no disc read error because it doesn't know a disc is even in the drive apparently. All was good until i left it in storage for about a year, my fault really, climate and all.

kickaski3485d ago

anyone that says PS2 emulation on PS3 would require more RAM needs to be shook like a baby. PS1 games weren't impossible on PS2, same analogy here.

it's only a matter of time before PS2 games will have completely software based emulation.

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syvergy3486d ago

I want my library to live on, too. Bring back the emu Sony!

locos853486d ago

I don't have much of a PS2 library left, but there are games I would like to buy that I haven't played yet, but can't because of no b/c.

jag_stilvecchio3486d ago

"It (PS2) served me well until the Summer of 2004 when a leaky roof in a dodgy rental combined with electricity to blow it to bits."

"It was at that point I learned of the fragility of the device."

LOL. Water + electronics... What exactly did this guy expect? Agree with the theme of the rest though.

Pennywise3486d ago

That was one of the dumbest things I have read! Glad I didnt give him hits.

Tony P3486d ago

This kind of thing makes my head hurt. Someone quotes something out of context, puts their spin on it, and you assume the article isn't worth reading.

You're taking that totally the wrong way. It's not about the PS2 being 'fragile' it's about the realisation that nothing lasts forever. That's his entire basis for wanting emulation.

qohelet3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

i recently bought a brand new boxed ps2 slim so that i'll have a spare one when my current slim dies.

IdleLeeSiuLung3486d ago

I'm wanting a slim too, but waiting for Thanksgiving. Hopefully there will be some killer deals on the PS2.

I'm not too hopeful on the emulation (although before I was practically begging for it), since the current emulation of EE alone already causes incompatibilities. Introducing another even more complex part to emulate is likely to cause the compatibility to go even more down....

jerethdagryphon3486d ago

good article might need to buy a slimline and some spae drive heads for later use

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