Koku Gamer - Fallout 3: Point Lookout DLC Review

Koku Gamer writes: "When it comes to the horror genre, there are various factors in an environment that give off a "Horror Vibe" and whether or not they succeed in scaring you. A well designed setting is one that gives you that feeling that something is a muck. The Bates Motel (Psycho), Planet LV-426 (Alien, Aliens), the Wesker Mansion (Resident Evil), or the Ishimura (Dead Space), are some of the finer examples of just how important setting is to the horror genre, and each gives off that vibe quite well. A roadside motel off a highway, a remote planet in the far reaches of space, a mansion packed with zombies, and an unnamed ship floating aimlessly in space."

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Wriggy3396d ago

Very good review for some very good downloadable content.

RedDeadLB3396d ago

So wait a second, is this DLC coming out for PS3 aswell?

PS360WII3396d ago

Eventually it will. PS3 still needs to get the other 3 packs before this will come to it and most likely you'll see a month between releases.

Ziriux3396d ago

Man I wonder how much MS is paying Bethesda for a shower of DLC.

Xeall3396d ago

Im still gonna hold out for the game of the year addition and save myself some cash and hopefully glitch frustration.

This looks to me to be the best DLC yet as the rest hasnt really caught my attention

Ziriux3396d ago

That's a good plan, that way you have it all in one nicely, and you can play the game non stop to get the full thing of the story.

PS360WII3396d ago

For sure Point Lookout was a pleasant surprise. I thought they were done with Broken Steel then they announced two more and this one was a pretty big extension :) Lots of exploring and things to do just for this

Ziriux3396d ago

It's bethesda, they strive to offer the most. It almost feels like they just developed all this along with initial game development and are just slowly releasing one by one.

Reibooi3396d ago

Great review. Fallout 3 was a great game however I have not bought the game or any of the DLC. I will most likely pic up the game of the year edition which is sure to be a massive value.

Ziriux3396d ago

Yea The Pitt was easily my favorite there was something about he setting I loved.

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