Confirmed Exclusive: Resident Evil 4 Arriving in Late 2010

Director Paul W.S. Anderson talked up (spoiler alert!) a new Resident Evil film last fall. Anderson has been busy working on drafts of the script, and the film is supposedly set in Tokyo and Alaska.

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mirroredderorrim5204d ago

Anderson has no respect for the franchise.

It would have been cheap to make a movie in the mansion, not to mention more true tot he series. Instead.. in the first movie, the mansion makes what I'd like to call: " a guest appearance " because you don't see much of the mansion. Not only that, I felt no dread like I felt in the games.

If a game can have me feeling dread, in my teens, I'd expect a movie which would represent such emotions PROPER; Reseident Evil.

No such thing here. Anderson is the classic example of why Hollywood should just leave the gaming industry to itself.

mirroredderorrim5204d ago

Perhaps some disgruntled producer gave me a disagree?

Do you want Hollywood fcking up games?

MGOelite5204d ago

the RE films are dead to me after the 1st

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Resident Evil 1996 - 2023 - A Look at some Resident Evil games and how the visuals improved

CG writes: In this video we take a look at the original 1996 release of Capcom’s Resident Evil on the PSOne, then go through most of the more popular games in the long-running series. You can see the full list below in chronological order of release (or thereabouts). Sure, there are some notable omissions such as Resident Evil Chronicles and Resident Evil Outbreak 1 & 2 etc. but the video does a great job of highlighting how the game’s visuals progressed over 25 years. The last game in the video showcases the Resident Evil 4 remake which released earlier this year.

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bunt-custardly2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Quite amazing how in late 90s those pre-rendered static backgrounds were like the bees knees. I am wondering what a game would look like today if it used the same pre-rendered backgrounds. Are we looking at photo-realistic environments or is there no need when you have games like UNRECORD using UE5?