Video Game Price War May Be Looming

Video game systems could be significantly cheaper this holiday season.

A new analyst's report from MKM Partners predicts Sony and Microsoft will both cut prices on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, respectively – and Nintendo may still surprise customers by reducing the price of the Wii.

Sony has long been expected to cut the price of the PS3. At $499 for the top-line model, it is the most expensive gaming system on the market
and sales have declined on a year-over-year basis for seven consecutive months.

Microsoft, which cut the price of its low-end Xbox 360 model last year to $199, may be forced to react if Sony's cuts are aggressive enough. Handler says the company will not be the first to initiate cuts, as its larger installed base, lower price and relatively steady sales put it in a position of strength.

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Cwalat3448d ago

I doubt Sony will reduce PS3 pricepoint all the way down to 199$.
My guess is on a 299$ pricepoint and 349$ for the new Slim version.

Question is, will mainstream audience go for the 199$ 360 or the 299$ PS3?

waltercross3448d ago

I Predict $299 for PS3 Slim, and how much can the 360 drop?
This should be Interesting.

Suga Shane3448d ago

Interesting indeed! I have been waiting for the PS3 to lower its price before purchasing one as I have a 360 and a Wii. My wife will still not be happy if I buy another console but a lower price tag will make it easier for her to swallow.

waltercross3448d ago

Well hold on a bit longer, A Rumor is going around from
several reliable sources that PS3 Slim coming this fall
and most likely a price drop.

PirateThom3448d ago

I wish there was a price war on software. I have the consoles, time to get the games cheaper.