360 sells more than Wii and DS in UK's 2009

The UK's current generation console installed base has topped 24 million, with the Xbox 360 selling the most out of all the video game consoles in 2009.

Despite the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii leading out in sales over the past 12 months it's interesting to look at data for 2009 itself.

The last data from Gfk Charttrack came on January 3rd 2009, where the total UK installed base of the current generation of consoles hit 22 million. If you look a little closer you'll notice that the Xbox 360 has sold the most units in the past six months of 2009.

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GayASSAdmins3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

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Sir Kutragi

Xbox360 is Still better )))))...;-D;-D
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lokiroo4203393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

RRoD, and of course..... also welcome back to the show PP!

GayASSAdmins3393d ago

sorry im not PP.

I hope he was still here though he was a good guy.

tehReaper3393d ago

Dude, chill. Seriously.

ultimolu3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

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Very mature fanbaby. That's the best you can do? Play your sales. I'll go play some games. :)

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Mo0eY3393d ago


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user39158003393d ago

OOPS the wii-wii its loosing track everywhere, but sony its 4 times worst, because they have no track at all. Wait until 2 more month and thats when the 360 its going to rock all the way until Feb. 2010. The only one that have continue to increase in sales its the 360 the other 2 competitors are loosing steam and then again the PS3 never had any steam.

rekonizakilla3393d ago

700,000 360's compared to 500,000 expensive ps3's.
Jesus guys get over it.
If ps3 can sell 40m units this gen then they've done well regardless of how many 360's are sold.

-MD-3393d ago

"Play your sales. I'll go play some games. :) "

Well according to your profile you've commented twice since this post so you must not have anything worth playing...

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3393d ago

ChavBox 360

BoyRacer 360

ASBO 360



Those Red-Neck-Chavs do LOVE them SALES!!! ;-D
(i.e Millions of Disagrees)

AngryTypingGuy3393d ago

Kutagari = pancake face

Don't worry, we know quality is better than sales, it just so happens us 360 fans have both.

But, but, 360 is dead. LOL. Keep dreaming.

Halo ODST and Splinter Cell are yet to come. Those will move consoles. And wait until Natal comes out. It has already gotten a ton of press, and will help to further increase the 360's lead when it comes out.

360 man3392d ago

actually reconizakilla its 700,000 360s to 300,000 ps3s

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no_more_trolling3393d ago

wow good. keep it up.

more xbox 360s sold means more game devs will develop for the xbox 360, look at SE, look at Metal gear, and other brands that were "tied to the ps3, according to some idiots

kissmeimgreek3393d ago

MS had to of paid konami alot of money to get the meatal gear franchise. and you could tell koji,ma wasnt to happy about it. but until we get a legit game(raiden looks like an MGS ninja gaiden) or a port of MGS 4 then i dont know if the deal was worth it.

Foxgod3393d ago

Lol, you fanboys always assume MS pays money, but thats not the case, and if it was you wouldnt be able to proof it anyway.

Konami is paying MS, not the other way around, Konami has to pay royalties to be able to release a metal gear ont he 360.
Konami does that because they want to earn more money, from bussiness perspective konami cannot ignore the 360, because it got quite a number of consoles out there.

La Chance3393d ago

360's success is due to the fact that it offers as much (software wise) as its direct competitor for cheaper. Moreover getting all the former PS exclusives like Resident Evil, GTA4, Final Fantasy and DMC for instance has convinced former PS2 owners to switch to XBOX.

Add to that intelligent marketing and there you have it!

kissmeimgreek3393d ago

well if its the other way around the im sorry. i just assumed MS had to pay them something to get the eries on the 360 and BTW im not a fnboy and prefer the 360 so this is good news i would just prefer a game like MGS 4 as im not that big on hack n slash like what rising appers t be. however i am more tha happy that the series is onthe 360 a win for everyone.

Foxgod3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

K, apology accepted, but MS seriously doesnt bribe company,s like some sony fanboys claim.

Put it this way, if you are the head of marketing of a major videogame company, and you got a successful game serie on your hand, and theres 2 high spec consoles in the market who are divided by 40 and 60 %.

Would you put the game only on the platform with the 40 % ?
I can tell you if you do, your boss wont be happy with you, and you surely wont make any promotion.

So MS doesnt have to bribe anybody, any gaming company that isnt owned by either sony, or MS, and doesnt have an exclusive contract right now, would commit financial suicide if they keep their franchise on one platform only.

IdleLeeSiuLung3393d ago

You hit it right on the nail. I think people often miss the point behind the business decisions being made. These companies aren't about loyalty and serving you. They are about making money, if they didn't they would be sued by shareholders and etc....

So the fact that people believe that a company will do bla bla bla and such just goes to show how naive they are.

This comment wasn't intended towards anyone specific, just noticing a common theme.

Xi3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

you actually have it backwards.

Companies don't pay to make things multi-platform. They pay to keep things exclusive. Why would a company purposfully limit their market by developing for a single console, unless they're being paid? It's why you hear about MS paying for exclusive content like gta.

The truth is that sony didn't pay enough to keep FF and MGS:r exclusive, that's why they're coming to the 360.

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Omega43393d ago

Well at least the UK arent as blinded by the Wii like the rest of the world is makes me proud to live in the UK.

If only the rest of the world could see just how great the Xbox 360 is

techie3393d ago

"Data from January 31st 2009 put the Xbox 360 at 3.3 million and the Nintendo Wii at 5.1 million, meaning that Microsoft's console has actually sold two times the amount of the Wii in the last six-months." :O

Smacktard3393d ago

Yeah, they're great if you're some kind of "exclusive game-aphobe"

Poopface the 2nd3393d ago

is great if you want to play more, higher rated, games than are on the ps3rd.

techie3393d ago

Actually, the percentage of games rated over 80% is higher on the PS3 than on the 360 and the Wii. The PS3 is actually very close to the amount of actual number of games on the 360 rated over 80% - quite a feat considering there are 100+ more games on the 360 (ie. lots of crap)

soxfan20053393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Percentage is meaningless when it comes to game ratings unless you close your eyes and choose games at random. You DON'T have to play the bad games to get to the good games. As consoles get more popular, and more games are released, the percentage of highly rated games will ALWAYS go down. Look at the PS2 - it has over 400 games rated 60 or lower at Metacritic.

Would you rather own a console with 100 total games - 50 of which are 80+ rated (50%), or a console with 500 total games - 200 of which are 80+ (40%)?

All Time Greatness3392d ago

Xbox also had a "higher percentage" or good rated titles when compared with PS2 last gen, but who had the most good games?

Same this gen, its just a play on words because PS3 always loses.

techie3392d ago

Read what I said?

"The PS3 is actually very close to the amount of ACTUAL NUMBER of games on the 360 rated over 80%"

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