New website hints at Grand Theft Auto for iPhone?

A whole new web page has suddenly appeared on the net called, which features nothing more than an embedded video with an iPhone bezel around it.

The video shows some high-octane CGI footage of a bank heist followed by an action-packed car chase as the fuzz speed after the fleeing robbers.

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Hobgoblin4300d ago

The fact is, Rockstar would have to be morons to NOT be working on an iPhone version of GTA. If they did it for the DS, they absolutely HAVE to be doing it for the iPhone. It's a no-brainer. Whether this video is it, I don't know, but it's only a matter of time before GTA iPhone appears.

Capt CHAOS4300d ago

I mean the iphone was designed with games in mind wasn't it?


zoneofenders4300d ago

after reading Rockstar denied this rumor, you comment appears even funnier.

Abobo4300d ago

Location-based GTA, it's got to be

peeps4300d ago

would be cool but it could just be some gta rip off tbh.

SpoonyRedMage4300d ago

It might be Car Jack Street 2 or something. Car Jack Street is apparently being put on the DSiware soon.

Rockstar have apparently denied an iphone GTA.

Hobgoblin4300d ago

That's true - it was suggested a while back that Car Jack Streets 2 was being developed specifically for the iPhone. Maybe that's what it is.

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