XP vs Vista vs 7

PC Format puts the three operating systems through their performance paces for the definitive answer on which OS should be the gamers choice! Originally published in issue 227 of the print edition of the magazine.

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kissmeimgreek3395d ago

could someone just tell me which is best? im not reading an online article full of small writing.

Kushan3395d ago

Try hitting Ctrl and + together. Zoom ftw. Or on some browsers, holding control and scrolling also works.

Tony P3395d ago

I was gonna call you lazy, greek, but damned if that isn't an annoying way to publish an article.

kissmeimgreek3395d ago

exactly if it had been a straight forward article id be fine taking the time to read it but when i have to squint and zoom to look at a magazine on my pc i just dont have the time. i know which is best but i wanted to know why they think it is.

Vip3r3395d ago

XP => Windows 7 >> Windoes Vista.

a_squirrel3395d ago

yes! I dont have to waste my time reading a article that takes 5 pages to tell me some thing thats about the size of your post

Vip3r3395d ago

I'm talking about terms of gaming performance.

bjornbear3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

I knew that the second i saw the title, doesn't take a pc genius to figure that out =P

EDIT: i havent used Windows 7 so thats out of the equasion, but consider more the outcome that Vista is the worst = farking obvious

DudePV3395d ago

Just wondering. Doesn't Window 7 have directx11 ? If yes, won't it be better than window xp, that has Directx 9? I mean, i know that directx 10 wasn't mush of a step up from 9 , but but won't direct 11 better for gaming? This is just a though, I don't know anything about Directx stuff.

darkmurder3395d ago

It means the graphical quality would be better but if a game uses DirectX 10 for example instead of 9, your frames per second are sacrificed due to running better graphics.

zagibu3394d ago

@Phavutha: Well, we don't know yet how DX11 will turn out. DX10 was also supposed to be much better than DX9 (quality AND performance), but it is actually pretty underwhelming. Maybe DX11 will be better, who knows...

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mittwaffen3395d ago

XP > W7 = +/- VISTA

From the benchmarks vista and destroy windows 7 and windows the same to vista, pretty much the same.

Kushan3395d ago

What the frak did you just say?

badz1493395d ago

what the...dude...are you drunk?

CameO733395d ago

So you're better of using a six year old (almost obsolete) O/S which doesn't support DirectX 10? Sorry, but Windows 7 most certainly >> Windows XP.

Drummer_si3395d ago

No doubt.. These idiots have probably never even used Windows7 before jumping to conclusions.

Win 7 > Win Vista > Win XP > Win 98 > Win ME > Win 95 > Win 3.11 > Etc

joydestroy3395d ago

yeah, i skipped on vista but i'll be jumping on the Win7 bandwagon. for 50 bucks, can't beat that.

Oner3395d ago

And FREE is better than that ;) Student VLK or any form of bypass FTW when it comes to M$ products!

zagibu3394d ago

Actually, it's 8 years. XP was released in 2001.

yorkie3394d ago

So what if your not a PC gamer, is there any reason to upgrade from XP ?

zagibu3394d ago

@yorkie: If you are not a PC gamer, there is no reason to use Windows at all. There are far better operating systems out there, which are in most cases even cheaper.

yorkie3394d ago

But windows comes pre-installed on PC's when you buy them, so if I switched to another OS then it's going to cost me. Even if I can download another OS for free would standard software packages run on them or would I have to buy software designed for the specific OS ?

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