Tekken 6 news update

According to a post on the forums of Tekken fansite Tekken Zaibatsu, the May issue of Japan's Arcadia magazine contains some new exclusive details regarding Tekken 6, which plans to be released in Japanese arcades by the end of 2007. However, at this point in time, the game is still only 40% complete. One of the major differences going from Tekken 5 into Tekken 6 is the complete change of character animations for every single character on the roster. What this means is that players will no longer be able to rely on the same old visual cues when it comes to predicting their opponents' techniques.

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Babylonian4200d ago

I can't wait for this game.

Firewire4200d ago

I can't wait either, I love that they are changing all the moves & stances thats great. It'll be like you have to learn the game all over again, but well worth it. I knew the game was nowhere near complete when they showed the video, thats a Tekken dev tradition.
The always show a early dev video, get peoples reaction and then build the game up from there. Its actualy pretty smart of them, but annoying for us, because everytime it happens people say the game is crap. But they obviousley know nothing about the Tekken franchise!
My only question (and it worries me) is have they left Xiaoyu out of this game? Have not heard anything about her at all, and shes my fav character in all of the Tekken games!

EZCheez4200d ago

I love Tekken, and I still have Tekken Tag (best in series). Can't wait to see you guys online!!

gta_cb4200d ago

out of all the Tekken games i have played i got to say i agree with EZCheez that Tekken Tag is the best, also got to say i loved playing as that little dragon thing haha! but i also got to say that i didnt buy many of the games as i found DBZ to be just like it except you have powers lol and found it very adictive!

JIN KAZAMA4200d ago

needs to be online. That would be awesome to play people around teh world. My Fav characters - Hwoarang, Brian, Jun Kazama, Bruce Irwin, Steve Fox,Nina Williams. Ironically, I dont use JIN. lol

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