New Hot Shots Game is a Mini Game Collection

IGN: "Intentional or not, Sony managed to fool pretty much everyone with its announcement of a new Hot Shots series game. When hearing that a new entry was on the way for the series, we naturally assumed that the new game would be a sports game in the grand tradition of Hot Shots Golf and Hot Shots Tennis. Famitsu has shared the true identity of the game, and while it does have some sports components to it, it's not really a sports game."

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sinncross3399d ago

Hopefully these mini games are fleshed out and support at least 4 players!then it cud be worthwhile looking into.

Better cheek that demo coming soon.

get2sammyb3398d ago

The demo's out Friday so I'm sure we'll find out more then.

PS360WII3399d ago

Blerg :( well I guess I'll still hear what they have to say but dang it would be cooler if it was just mini game style of golf right? Driving Range, putting challenge, closest to the pin, bunker shots, etc. Though more options are a good thing I suppose

SpoonyRedMage3398d ago

Watch it, all of a sudden mini game collections will become cool....

rockleex3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

They're pretty fun if done right. Not sure about this one though.

We'd have to wait and see.

SpoonyRedMage3398d ago

Yes, they're are some cracking minigame coompilations like Warioware and Chocobo Tales(which can be ridiculously hard) but they're generally used as an example of casual and dumbed down gaming, especially when talking about Nintendo but this isn't from Ninty, it's from Sony so a lot of hypocritical people will now be praising this.