Splinter Cell Conviction can be completed in 12 hours

Jon Hicks from OXM UK writes:

"Creative Director of Splinter Cell: Conviction, Maxime Beland, has revealed it'll be possible to complete the game in around 12 hours, in an exclusive interview in the latest issue of OXM.

"I want people to play my games and finish them," Beland told us as we were getting our first playtest of the game. "We're going to ship with difficulty levels, at least a normal mode and realistic mode - like we did on Rainbow Six Vegas."

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N4PS3G3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Thats actually pretty lengthy for an action/adventure game considering that most of this type of games last 8-10 hours only. Add Co-op and Multiplayer and all is set . . First day

green3396d ago

Agree 100%, 12hours is a very good length for an action/adventure title.I will be playing it on it's hardest setting so will obviously feel longer for me.

HighDefinition3396d ago

That`s pretty standard for SC titles, can`t wait to get this game.

no1safe3396d ago

And since now Splinter Cell has been 'redefined' it have some replay value - you can blast thru the whole game, or sneak around and pass your enemies without being noticed :D

theEnemy3396d ago

That's pretty long.

And it's gonna be a blast!.

Bnet3433396d ago

12 hours is average, coupled in with multiplayer, it's ok. I got all Splinter Cell games, so I'm def. getting this one.

xabmol3396d ago

The perfect length for a game.

The Lazy One3395d ago

how they're gonna do the multiplayer. Now that the gameplay's shifted to a more fast paced more action oriented. It seems like there's a lot more shooting from sam's pov, I wonder how that will affect the spy gameplay in multiplayer.

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Omega43396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Considering you can choose multiple ways to complete missions this game should have an extremely high replay value, not to mention that its going to be pure gameplay throughout.

And of course multiplayer will help too.

Sez 3396d ago

I can't wait for this game. Straight gameplay and no lenthy cutscenes. Day one purchase for me

likedamaster3396d ago

"I can't wait for this game. Straight gameplay and no lenthy cutscenes. Day one purchase for me"

...and me.

I have always loved the Splinter Cell series and its approach to stealth/action. It's a title to envy if you're on the "other side"(Wii, PS3).

-MD-3396d ago

12 hours is the perfect campaign time so I'm happy to hear this.

Nelson M3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

And The Bots are So Dumb and are Crap at Games
Now if this game was on the PS3(Not that we want this Garbage on the PS3) it would be Completed in 3 Hours or less by Superior Gamers

-MD-3396d ago

You sort of just shot down your console of choice. Good job.

GayASSAdmins3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

KZ2 10hours nuff said.

3years ago PS3 games will be 50hours.

F1CK OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

N4PS3G3396d ago

you have to log in each one of your accounts to bubble up and agree with your comments..tsc tsc sad

iDystopia3396d ago

This just in: PS3 is a Flop and Killzone 2 hasn't even sold 2 million copies yet.


AngryTypingGuy3396d ago

All of Nelson's posts are the same. He is an irrelevant douche, a one-trick pony, and rarely (if ever) backs up his claims with anything intelligent.

Mo0eY3396d ago

And next year, it'll be on the PS3 with a 24 hour completion time.

Thanks for beta testing.

Man_of_the_year3395d ago

MGS4 can be completed in 4. LOL and its on a blu-ray disc. I guess that game is a major disappointment to you also eh Nelson?

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