NG Preview: Mini Ninjas

NG writes: "The Mini Ninjas have got a bit of a problem. While they've been happily sitting on their mountain doing whatever ninjas do when they're not killing people or generally throwing sharp objects around, the world below has gone a little bit to pot.

A bunch of evil (but equally minuscule) samurai have turned up and started converting all the furry woodland creatures into their own nasty henchmen. Eventually, the master ninja gets wind of this nefarious scheme, and sends his best apprentices down to the cursed land to try to regain some order. Unfortunately, nobody comes back and, out of options, the master sends his last two novices into the fray, in a last-ditch attempt to save the world."

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ChozenWoan3399d ago

Seen the videos on PSN and September can't come fast enough. Kinda reminds me of I-Ninja for the PS2 only more refined.