NG Preview: Metal Gear Solid: PeaceWalker

NG writes: "The team's use of the PSP hardware is stunning – when we first played Metal Gear Ac!d in 2004, we never anticipated the handheld would get this close to PS2-quality visuals. Peace Walker should be the ultimate showcase of Kojima Productions' technologically progressive work on the PSP and, like Rising, will hopefully show the series has some staying power outside of its main instalments."

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Berserk3398d ago

Getting the game day 1

MTEC83398d ago

I can't remember being so excited for a hand held title in a long time.

Tony P3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

I'm not surprised at all. There's no doubt this will be top notch. AC!D was incredible provided the different gameplay didn't throw you. I've no worry that a more traditional MGS on PSP will be anything less than stellar visually and technically. Kojima is all about pushing the limits with MGS.

Redempteur3398d ago

well it's the TRUE "missing link" in the saga .

Batzi3398d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on this! Peace Walker and Rising FTW!!!

Braid3397d ago

Although I consider myself a fairly big fan of MGS games, I should regretfully say that I didn't like Portable Ops that much. The only thing that kept me playing the game was the stunning storyline. However, gameplay wise Portable Ops was not as great as the other MGS games I played. Of course we should take the capacity of UMD media into consideration but I believe that Kojima and his staff could do better and now it's their turn to prove me right.