Fight Night Round 4 – The PS3 Attitude Review

From PS3 Attitude: "Cast your mind back to 2005.

We're at E3 and Kudo Tsunoda is showing 'real-time' footage of what the PS3 is capable of doing for his Fight Night franchise. Of course, what is shown at E3 didn't transpire when Fight Night Round 3 arrived on our beloved black monolith, raising questions of whether it was real-time after all.

Whilst that footage never really drew the universal derision that seemed to be held back for Killzone 2 alone, we still await that level of detail and emotion in any boxing game.

Does Fight Night Round 4 finally deliver the realism we crave, as demonstrated four years ago?"

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Brodiesan3399d ago

Edge gave this an 8/10 ... too high?

DolphGB3399d ago

Can't understand how they'd mark it so highly, unless they're just totally ignoring all the shortcomings.

Or maybe there's another reason they gave it high marks?

phreaky3399d ago

...'Another reason'? ...Controversy!!

Shame, I was actually looking forward to this.