Tekken 6 Collectors Editions Announced for UK

GOONL!NE: Atari have announced two special collectors editions for Tekken 6.

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jay23449d ago

Still no UK release date :(

Johnny Cullen3449d ago

I emailed Atari about that, so waiting to hear back on that.

But considering I got the PR on the CE's just now, it makes no mention of the date, so nothing yet I'm afraid.

El Botto3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Going to get PS3 copy and see if I can find the PSP version online.

This August, the king of all fighters is back in town! Prepare to get your asses WHOOPED, people!

My characters
Kazuya S rank
Heihachi S rank
Armor King S rank
King A rank
Law A rank
Paul A rank
Feng Wei S rank
Wang A rank
Lei B rank
Ganryu B rank

Definitely picking up Bob (A rank) on my list and that robotchick (A rank). Shes got some funky moves.

belal3449d ago

and that is:

jin kazama
whorang(don know the spelling lol)
devil jin

these are the characters i can play perfect with.

there are other characters i play really good with like: Nina,Steve,Anna,King,law and fei long.

but the first 5 is my main characters :)

bigrob1233448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

for me it will be the trio i use alot which are

Bruce irvine,
Brian fury,
and Feng Wei

defencive fighter so i prefer to use those 3 im gonna get alot of practice on DR b4 it comes out though

El Botto3448d ago

Feng Wei is the only one where defensive play should be considered but I like to play him offensively.