PSP homebrew - custom firmware 5.50 GEN-B out

Today French developers PSPGen released the long-awaited PSP custom firmware 5.50 GEN-B.

More details and download at the source link, rough English translation is at the credit link.

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MatthewSFC3486d ago

Is there anyway news can be deleted? We don't want something promoting privacy here.

Baka-akaB3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

There is nothing to erase here , some of us use it and wanted it for something other than launching pirated games . And you dont know how many .

Weither or not you believe it , is your damn problem .

LiquifiedArt3486d ago

We really shouldn't promote piracy. This is part of the reason the PSP's software attach rate is so miserable.

Baka-akaB3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Sigh ... piracy is even more rampant and easier on DS ..
Arent you guys tired of believing any kind of crap .

When your expensive portable console's game library are mostly uninspired ports of the usual pes , fifa , need for speed or whatever crap , with a worse ergonomy and less buttons , sales arent good .

Especially when you dont have the "gimmick" that would appeal to a larger crowd , like the DS . it too had crappy gba and snes port at first , but even those used a bit the touch screens and soon enough original games appeared .

Anyway just go inform yourself a bit , and see the amount of DS and gba roms uploaded from it's very release ...
Go check past forum thread with thousands crying at some Square ds rpgs because their flash card couldnt read it , until patched .

Actually with such a poor line up in it's first years , the psp probably sold because people knew it was hackable and could then do more than play mp3...

Most big and unique psp games actually sold very well . Just dont be surprise if many would spite on fifa ps2 lite and ignore it (or pirate it i guess)...

jay23486d ago

It's nothing new on N4G, makes my blood BOIL.

shadowboricua3485d ago

Shhhhh! we don't want Sony to know!!