Congrats: You Win An Xbox 360 With A Messed Up Slot

Kotaku Writes:
Know who won that Fable II signed Xbox 360 contest? Some guy named NeoxDonut. He was thrilled to get the Peter Molyneux autographed console. That is, until he tried plugging it in.

The customized console is wrapped in a first generation casing. The innards seem new, but the shell is not.
Pics after the jump.

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GayASSAdmins3395d ago

They should Double Check The plans before making the Final Customized product.

TheAntiFanboy3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Especially if that product is one of like ten or twenty.

...what's with your goofy capitalizing?

Seraphim3394d ago


that's just too funny!

Maybe they figured the winner already has a 360 so they don't want to use the xbox. They just want the case for show. Lol... yeah, at some point you think someone would have looked and said, hey, we can't ship this, the console won't even work with this case! that's just wrong.

jessehaysfl3394d ago

that is just sad. I bet dude was crushed.

3394d ago
jessehaysfl3394d ago


speaking of great engineering accomplishments...

What have the aussie's done?

An opera house?

Do the aussies have a space program? what about car companies that aren't copies of US companies or furthermore the very same companies?

Sorry to jump but I work in american aerospace engineering and get a little miffed when people bad mouth something they know nothing about. America has the best engineers in the world. Most asian engineers get there education here in the united states. (south west asian's anyway)

And to compare a video game console's engineering to a country's engineering

Syronicus3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Seriously?You have got to be kidding me! WTF Microsoft?


@ JohnnyBadfinger

Try and be less of a bigot and more of a respectable poster here. It's not an "American" thing or any other country, it's a Microsoft thing and last I knew, MS had employees at every corner of the globe. Stereotypes are for morons.

glennc3394d ago

it is pretty obvious the original ringed and they changed the insides at the last minute.

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neoxdonut3395d ago

Top story on Kotaku for now, and now I find it on N4G.

uxo223394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

I would like to see a shot of that slot with the camera zoomed back. For All we know that's not even the same console.

But if that is the way it was sent to this guy, peter needs to be kicked in his arse!

GayASSAdmins3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

you realise that this is a customized xbox right? and the ones who did the desing for this are the ones at fault here?

masterofpwnage3394d ago

Imean come on the guy who won the 360 was probably really happy to get it until that promblem, its not big like him gettig news but it's still news.
If this was a ps3 Im damn sure u will be bashing away

NotSoSilentBob3394d ago

You should go ask Bloodmask about that slow news week. He digs deeper then anyone for anti-ps3 blogs.

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The story is too old to be commented.