Microsoft Comments On 360 Dash Advertisements

From Xbox Evolved:

"Microsoft wants to assure users that the ads will "enhance, not interfere" with their experience.

Posting on his blog, Microsoft's Larry Hryb had this to say:"

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DNAgent3485d ago

Your money is going towards getting MORE ads put on the dashboard rather than taking them away. XD

I'm glad I don't have any ads on the XMB.

iDystopia3485d ago

lol You have NOTHING on XmB. Its a boring turd. There is no comparison to the Xbox interface, which constantly changes and is packed full of all kinds of stuff.

Too_Hyped3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

@Dystopia : yeah, it's so cool to be able to cross game chat with tons of dumb 12 year old American racist retards. Only on Live (c). Please stay there.

Live interface is packed with ads and stupid XBLA arcade games ah ah. No Vidzone to play Sony music videos, no Home, no 64 player matches, no dedicated servers, no nothing. The perfect interface for dumb kids.

And you pay for that (er, your mummy does, sorry). (Plus, it's down every 3 days, unlike PSN).

-MD-3485d ago

Too hyped is wrong on so many levels it's not even worth arguing with him he's just an ignorant tool.

ArcticWolfUK3485d ago

11 people disagree with DNAagent?

truth hurts

UnwanteDreamz3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Well that makes alot of sense. People will defend their purchases to the death. Logic and reason have nothing to do with it.

It is your right to believe that MS should spam you with adds when you pay money for their service.

Plenty of gold members seem to think it is wrong to pay for these adds.

II Necroplasm II3485d ago

Why are PS3 fanboys even here to start with?

GiantEnemyCrab3485d ago

What are you talking about? The scrolling info bar on the XMB is one big advertisement. Maybe you should at least own a 360 and look at the 360 dashboard to see what the ad's consist of which are always around some contest/giveaway or game release related. I'm not looking at Devry or tampon ad's. Annoying yes, non-game related no.. but they seem to be pushing the boundary further every year.

meatnormous3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Ads for Mc Donalds is bs especially when I pay for live. Microsoft is making money on the ad revenue and subscriptions. I like the giveaway contests and everything but I do not need to see what Mc Donalds .99 cent menu consists of. Also the info bar on the PS3 can be turned off with very little effort.

UnwanteDreamz3481d ago

No arguement from you huh? Just the usual childish name calling from mental midgets lol.

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TheHater3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I say BS. Ad's do not enhance anyone experience by any means. These ad's should not be on anyone dash board who is a Gold member. Silver member, I have no problem with because they are not pay a dime. So the should be expose to all these ad's and leave the Gold Members out of it.

qface643485d ago

well actually the only experience it will enhance is microsofts because they will make a pretty penny from the ads

Seraphim3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

personally I don't think anyone should be exposed to ads. Do we all not know McDonalds has a Dollar menu? Do we all not know about Burger King, Moutain Dew, and anything else that has the money to market/place an ad on Xbox or any major gaming site we might visit? I think it's complete bs. Do we not pay enough for our consoles and games? Or in regards to MS do we not pay enough for XBL Gold? I think it's rubbish. If I want ads I'll turn on the tv where a 15-20 minute show takes 30 minutes because half of it is riddled with commercials... Although after considering that... at least we're not forced to watch commercials in the middle of our games. ;) that'll be the day I'll pass on any new game hitting the market. Though surely that won't happen in my lifetime.

regardless, no ad enhances. It only distracts. And in most cases is completely stupid because we all know about these products...

WhittO3485d ago

I just couldnt imagine how crap the XMB would be if it had ads on it, they shouldnt put ads on the main interface, its different if they put ads in while like browsing netflix or something.

I know this has been said many times before, but how can MS advertise on NXE when people pay monthly to go online ?!

Noone pays Sony to go online and there are NO ads in-sight (except on other FREE software like Home or the Vid Zone)

DevastationEve3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

people, in the business world you either pay for something with time or money. advertisements or actual sales, there's no other way.

thanks for the out of work freeloader. seriously, it's the beginning of the month for you, so go grab your food stamps and wellfare checks.

Game13a13y3485d ago

i'm glad PSN wasn't anything like that.

jessehaysfl3485d ago

well if the PSN did it I would be cool with it because it's free....

Paying for ads is bullsh!t. This is another reason I will never own an xbox.

How can they charge you for advertising to you?...........

cRaZyLeGs 933485d ago

I wouldn't mind if it gave us discounts or had a benefit to us, but c'mon. It probably won't effect us people outside the US as badly.

Syronicus3485d ago

Pretty sad if you ask me. They subject their loyal paying customers to ads. I am not going to pitch a big fit about it but in the end, you would think they would allow you Live users to turn the ads off.

phosphor1123485d ago

Read the comments on the site. They are kinda pissed.

darthv723485d ago

People are looking at the ads as being intrusive which they are not. Generally speaking they have some bearing to the live system. Be it free gamer pics or themes, there is almost always something related to the user who chooses to click on the ad. It isnt like it is taking you out of the 360 system and into a phishing website. I have had banner ads do that to me when using the ps3 browser.

Yes i know the browser argument is pointless but you sort of get the picture. The ads are tailored to fit within the confines of the live marketplace. Sometimes you can find some offers for free content simply by clicking on them. I see there are ads on the PSN store but nobody complains about that. Or the ones in home.

I like the ones that give you free movies or entries into contests to win big fancy home theater equipment. It would be different if when you dl a demo of a live arcade game or reg game that before you can play you are subjected to a 30 sec spot about whatever co is sponsoring the demo. So far that hasnt happened. the closest is a few inside xbox vids that have a short 10 sec ad for some car co (i think it was ford) before streaming.

DMason3485d ago

Ok, I love my Xbox Live, but this seems a bit outrageous. I already pay for Xbox Live, which is okay with me because I can afford it. But do they really need more money? They're already getting about 70 million dollars a month. Are they that greedy that they need even more?

If they're going to put ads on the dash, at least make Xbox Live free. Now that would be a killer announcement.

Alvadr3484d ago

Oh dear MS. Just have to get your paws on every pritty penny you can..

Hardly ever power up my 360 anyway.. If Sony had anything like this I would ber very annoyed.

vhero3484d ago

Gotta love it as not only do you pay a few but you see ads hahaha. This is why i refuse to pay a gold subscription and stay d/c from net with my 360 MS are taking you gold subscribers for a ride. Sony's XMB is ad free only thing you see ads on is store and lets be fair here there service is FREE with no ads. If Sony can do it so can MS.

ravinash3484d ago

As long as its not in your face that it shouldn't be a problem.
I would get upset if it was in things like games and didn't add anything to the game expereance. games like burnout paradise are OK because the ads appear on billboards in an environment where they look like they belong.

On the dashboard, if its only to the side and not getting in the way of what your doing then yes.
However in saying that...the best place for it is in the store. You don't want it appearing on your screen as soon as your logging on because then it really is getting in your face.

I guess it all depends on where the ads are appropreate.
If your there buying something then yes...if your then to just play and escape the real world, then no.

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Why dis3485d ago

Most Xbox users don't know you can
1)Press the Guid button
2)Select PROFILE
3)Then select EDIT PROFILE
5)opt in or out of a number of things.

Has anybody tried BING SEARCH! makes google look like its from the stone age.

3485d ago
GamerPS3603485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Bing doesn't make google search from stone stage.
For you, Bill gate's sh*t must taste better than steak.

There is limit of being blind. Go school.

Disagree all you want :D with your multiple accounts.

DevastationEve3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Bing is actually very interesting, sorta like how Cool Iris did something awesome with searching for pictures and video on the internet.

edit: ace, you must be having fun lol. dude, don't take this site seriously. i used to until i figured that everything's in favor of ps3 fans... their heads, lol. so don't give into the mind game, just have fun!

GamerPS3603485d ago

To be honest, bing is not bad. I like it and I use it too along with googles.

likedamaster3485d ago

"Edit... Don't agree with me! I want out!"

LOL. That is the funniest(also true) comment I've read all day. Bubbles to you, err... -bubbles?

JHUX3485d ago

All I hear about is how this website is all ps3 fanboys, when most of you were here living it up when this place was 99percent 360 fanboys.
And still with the high amount of anti-ps3 articles that get approved to the front page there is still either a high amount of 360 fanboys or you all have multiple accounts (which we know people like why_dis have about 30). If you don't talk fanboy nonsense all the time you would have plenty of bubbles left.

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hadouken0073485d ago

big F'n MC donalds ad on there dashboard ha ha ha ha!

no_more_trolling3485d ago

its so funny. but the ads doesnt go there. if u had an xbox u would know.

i love to see ignorant people show how ignorant they are.

vhero3484d ago

Your an idiot he never said ads went there read again idiot. He was just laughing they have a mcdonalds ad on the picture. So get it right before you comment in future god damn fanboy.

Meus Renaissance3485d ago

I'm in the UK and I can't say I've ever seen this advertisements on the dashboard. Are they US-Only?

I think it's absolutely ridiculous that they enforce such things on paying members. Ridiculous greed. Watch the backlash. This will only refuel debates on whether the Live Membership should be a subscription.

XboxUltimateAlliance3485d ago

I like when they advertise for new games coming out/DLC/movies. I always click on and watch things that interest me.

I just kinda explore Xbox Live and I think that's part of the wonder about it, the advertisements aren't in your way...they are integrated within everything else and it just feels like there is so much new stuff everywhere on a daily basis on Xbox Live. Not in one section, everywhere you go there are new deals going on, previews for games, tips for achievements, ads for games.

I really don't think its a bad thing. Maybe some that don't use XBL would try to say it was though.

darkequitus3485d ago

with advert clearly have not used XBL. The UK and US are much the same.

I see nothing wrong with XBL advertising, i.e. highlighting XBL stuff videos/games/ etc. I don't see viagra ads here. anything else come with free gamerpicks etc.

But I guess it is pointless trying to reason with juveniles on this site.

XBL-UK/PSN: darkequitus
XBL-USA: crimsonklax

Seraphim3485d ago

I'm not a big fan of advertisements on there at all. But when it comes to new releases (retail, download), though I still don't care to see it because I keep tabs on that kind of thing, I can totally understand having them there. Not all owners are on top of whats going on in the gaming world and what's releasing. So it makes complete sense to advertise new releases and downloads on the dashboard. They could easily pack the weeks releases on there and that would truly be beneficial to MS partners and gamers alike. But it's one thing to advertise stuff that pertains to the offerings of Xbox and it's a totally different to advertise anything else.

imho we don't need more McDonalds ads out there and especially not on our consoles. Or Burger King, Mountain Dew, Pizza Hut, or as I said before (earlier post), anyone who has the money to market on XBL. We all know these companies exist and we all probably visit them when we so desire. Is this like soda machines in schools? Is Fast Food, or whatever else targeting the kids who can't go get their own food? They want the kids to see the ads and demand their parents go get them some fatty burgers and greaseball fries? Not that there's anything wrong with fatty burger and greaseball fries. I love to have some occasionally. ;) But Is there really a need for it? When we pay *insert coin* for the console, $60 a crack for games, and $40-50 for Gold Memberships? It's just rubbish.

likedamaster3485d ago

I call BS on you Seraphim, most people WANT to be alerted about new upcoming games, DLC, etc. I don't see a problem with this at all.

Seraphim3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

you call me BS? Maybe you didn't quite understand what I said then. :P I said while I personally still don't want to see it because I keep tabs on games/gaming, I can understand them advertising games, but anything else, no. New releases both retail and digital would be acceptable imo. I'd still rather not see it but I can see where they're coming from. In one not all keep up like me, and many others here on new releases, etc, and it's something that benefits Xbox, gamers and their developers. The average joe only knows when something comes out because he sees a commercial, sees the game on a store shelf, a friend tells them, or they decides to check the storefront. So while I don't particularly care to see any ad I could see, and accept, where they're coming from in advertising new Xbox games both retail and download...

GiantEnemyCrab3485d ago

That's just a mock-up they did for the story.. There are no ad's like that on the dashboard any type of advertisment is contained in the cover flow windows.

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