Neotokyo is Launching on Friday

Highly anticipated Half-Life 2 mod Neotokyo is launching on Friday. It will, of course, be a free download for anyone who's already purchased Half-Life 2, and will be available on their website.

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Sanhlami3399d ago

This looks like a really good mod. Money-worthy even, but free is good too.

Ozzyb3399d ago

Wow, that looks really amazing. Free? Jeez.

TheIneffableBob3399d ago

Looking forward to this.

The HUD is kinda ugly, though. The devs on the #neotokyo channel got kinda angry when I said that in their IRC. :P

Kurylo3d3399d ago

You can actually play this mod if you own left 4 dead as well... even if you dont own half life 2... its anything that uses the half life 2 engine.. so u can download what u need on steam... Pretty cool how all mods work for either of the games.... thanks valve!