Screenshots from "Frostbite" Next-gen Engine.

Here are some terrain screenshots of the next-gen engine Frostbite developed by DiCE for Battlefield: Bad Company and certainly more games to be announced.

The following images are from a technical demo of the engine, even though no one seems to know where they originated from.

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Extra Guy4204d ago

I agree there, i'm sure far more work will be done however on the close up shots.

Silver Bull3t4204d ago

Your obviously an eyeless d!ckhole.

This is what we need, a bunch of very capable engines. Now where's RallySport 3!!!!!!

InMyOpinion4204d ago

The world is said to be fully destructible using an advanced physics engine.


TheExecutive4204d ago

They look good!!! However in screenshot 4 trees never reflect that much sunlight.... unless those arent trees.

nirwanda4204d ago

the battlefield HD trailer on the marketplace is both funny and impressive I showed this to friend who were more interested in the halo3 stuff and everyone agreed the battlefield game looked far more impressive

JasonPC360PS3Wii4204d ago

Kyur4ThePain just hates the world and everything in it and he also needs some freaking glasses.

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The story is too old to be commented.