PS3: The Game Releases of July '09

PS-Deals writes:

"A nice selection of summer games lands on retail shelves this month...

Highlights for the month of July 2009 include BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Limited Edition, NCAA Football 10, The King of Fighters XII, Rock Band: Country Track Pack, and Watchmen: The End is Nigh The Complete Experience.

What titles are you looking forward to?

Check out the full list of new video game releases (USA) for the month of July 2009 on PS3!"

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Serjikal_Strike3448d ago

Absolutely nothing worth buying...
Hurry up August!

Knightrid8083448d ago

I'd rather November coming faster. Uncharted 2 can't come fast enough :(

Baliw3448d ago

KOF XII will do it for me; and maybe that country pack.

Myst3448d ago

Only thing I can really think of getting is BlazBlue and even then I really don't want it THAT badly. Should just save my money for the coming months. Dissidia next month, WET in September, and Demon's Souls in October. Though if a lot of people get BlazBlue that I know I may get it just to face them or something...

Seraphim3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

same, don't really want BlazBlue that badly. Especially considering I've never been a big fan of fighting games. Played a lot back in the day, was really good at a few, but for the most part I just don't particularly enjoy the genre and if I do the enjoyment and desire to play often times quickly fades away like the seasons...

But I did end up ordering it. In general it's been a tame year thus far so I figured I might as well pick something up. Pretty much because I know the game won't get the sales it deserves (especially based off all the reviews, OXM, OPM, IGN). Because that Limited Edition was too tempting to pass as a free limited upgrade, and most importantly, because I'm only paying $32 for it. Yeah, it's taken me this long to use a $25 Gift Certificate I got for Christmas. :D If I didn't use it now who knows when I'd use it. I think the game looks absolutely brilliant though, and hopefully I'll have a blast w/ it.

And this Fall doesn't look too busy for me. Because I knew Sony wouldn't localize Demons Souls I imported it at release. Never would have though Atlus would pick up publishing rights. There's a few questionable games out there, like Wet, Dark Void, Bayonetta, but for the most part I already got my must have games covered. AC2, Uncharted 2, NGS2, Disgaea 2, Bioshock 2... A lot of games often depend on whether or not I feel like buying something, or whether or not they drop on a good day/time frame where I need something to play. ;)

dawgsfan1173448d ago

Haha really a "country track pack" for Rock Band. I guess its or those annoying hicks that like to blare country music at red lights. (best remedy for that is some cranked up Bring Me The Horizon.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33448d ago

Well now would be the time for them to release some killer network games. C'mon, what's the hold up. The last good game I played was inFAMOUS. I don't care how desperate I get, I'm not getting Red Faction.

ChozenWoan3448d ago

I'm just going to work on my back catalog of games like Heavenly sword, Uncharted1, maybe a PSN title or two... Then again I've got too many games I need to beat right now.

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