Meristation: Halo: Reach Preview

Meristation: "The Halo series will expand in 2010 with a new release produced by its creators, professionals, developer Bungie, which promises to maximize the hardware of Xbox 360. It is an action game in first person and exclusive platform Microsoft. We approached this development with the known facts of the titles during E3.

What began as a simple rumor from the introduction of forums on the homepage of Bungie Software, eventually became a reality during the press conference of Microsoft's E3, when the Xbox 360 officially announced Halo Reach, new delivery Halo in the series set in the genre of first-person action with a launch planned for the next 2010. The arrival of Halo odst occur formally in September this year, so it is time to put on the table everything you know about REACH."

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Ausbo3395d ago

when absoulutely nothing is known about the game aside from the fact that it is first-person shooter.

Serjikal_Strike3395d ago

you could use a bubble...
there you go!

Tony P3395d ago

No new info, just a bunch of fan speculation.

JohnnyBadfinger3395d ago

"This squad of Spartan soldiers would comprise five soldiers serving in the name of Kelly, Will, Vinh, Isaac and Fred, three men and two women who are part of the section of the elite warriors of UNSC, that are still alive"

Funny that i thought they were all dead and Master Chief was the only one left alive, but i must have misread the books and was playing something else in the games.

Hooby3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Wow johnny, you make yourself look really stupid. Reach takes place while multiple spartans were still alive. If you REALLY read the books like you claimed you did, you'd know that.

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dawgsfan1173395d ago

From the moment I finished reading the book I instantly thought Reach would make an amazing game. Also rumors of much needed updates to the game series graphics and such sound good. I like the Halo series but Halo 3 just didnt cut it for me. So I hope this one is Bungie's way of saying they are sorry for not putting more work into the last one and still hyping the sh1t out of it. Also those damn commercials that just looked so good.

XboxUltimateAlliance3395d ago

My most anticipated game after Alan Wake. Its more than a year away though :(

Da l33t Monkey3395d ago

Little early for a preview, no?