X-Play: The Conduit Review

X-Play: "Adam Sessler reviews 'The Conduit', a new first-person shooter on the Nintendo Wii. Will this game usher in a new era of hardcore games for the Wii or leave our Wiimotes collecting dust?"

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Shnazzyone3396d ago

My sentiments exactly. It probably would have been a 3.5 if they still did half stars. Multiplayer rocks.

HDgamer3396d ago

Wasn't this already submitted or am I having dejavu?

Fade_Walker3396d ago

I think it was, but last time the video review wasn’t up.

SinnedNogara3396d ago

I wonder why they didn't mark Halo or Killzone 2's story, even though it was very generic and cliche. (did they play this game for story??).

dktxx23396d ago

Halo isn't really generic, its actually pretty unique for a sci-fi game (this coming form a halo hater). Killone 2 doesn't place emphasis on its story at all, so it never really gets in the way. Its just an excuse to shoot and kill things. I think the conduit kind of pushes it story into your face. You see it more, because its more story based than Killzone. Thats why its more harshly critiqued then Killzone 2 in terms of story, the conduit relies on it more.

Thats just a guess at why it could be judged differently. I haven't played the conduit, so I could be totally wrong. But I think there is some other reason that conduit scored a 3 other than bias.

Voice_of_Reason3395d ago

Halo isnt generic? You dont watch much Sci fi.. Killzone2? Honestly that is just a BS excuse. Who ever said the Conduit was going to be a game with a killer story? So shouldnt the same excuse apply? I honestly havent heard one good reason why some generic stories are considered okay but another just as generic story is dismissed simply because of what? It must be the console it is on. One man against an army of aliens trying to stop the Earth from being destroyed by some device has been done so many times.

swiftshot933396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Well, at least Red steel 2 looks phenomenal for Wii owners. I myself wont be getting it. The next game I'm getting for wii is the prime trilogy (which I admit will be amazing). Until then Ill stick with PS3 and a little 360 :P

Edit: Its sitting with a 74 at metacritic. Dude, the hype this game had made it seem like it would be the definitive first person game on wii, its not. It flopped. I was looking passed that and I was saying that Red Steel 2 based on the E3 demo looks AAA. Metroid Prime Trilogy will be AAAA. We just have to get over it.

Edit 2: @ mrnintendo. Those arent as generic as you think. What the Conduit lacks is those set piece moments that KZ2 has to make it memorable and have variety. Halo 3 has the most features in a multiplayer game ever. Also the stories in those games are sequels. Conduit just doesnt match up as new game.

HDgamer3396d ago

How can you call it a flop when you never even played it?

ChickeyCantor3396d ago

this guy only goes by lower ratings, its pathetic how he and the likes call it a flop, but when there is a 8.5 given out the comment section is empty.

SinnedNogara3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Well a 3 ain't bad, and I find this review bias. Killzone 2 and Halo 3 are very generic titles (not to say they aren't awesome) and they get 5s. Think for a second.

EDIT: Who disagreed?? Killzone 2 and Halo 3 are great games. They are just generic like all shooters?? tlhey do have memorable moments (even halo, but it doesn't deserve a 5).


dawgsfan1173395d ago

Killzone 2 :1. It is the most amazing looking game that I have ever played. 2. Very solid controls although camera location is a little low. 3. amazing action throughout the entire game. 4. awsome multiplayer. 5. Did i mention its the best looking game ever made? (personal opinion)

Halo 3: 1. Like it or not it has some of the most addictive multiplayer on any system and tons of online game modes. 2. The story reall isnt very generic as some have said. It actually is quite deep when combined with the books. 3. Good graphics. 4. 4 player co-op. 5. Lots of replay value when you take into account the campaign scoring system and skulls hidden throughout.

Face it they are the most recognized titles on their respected systems and thats what makes them 5s. The conduit doesnt even rank best shooter on its system and even if it did it takes backseat to a guy wearing overalls and another in a green dress thing with tights.

Voice_of_Reason3395d ago

@above, I am sorry but that post doesnt make any sense at all. I can name off lots of games that outsold Killzone2 on PS3. Also Conduit is the best first person shooter on Wii.

It's funny that most of the reviews are flawed and bias but even when that is plain as day to anyone, we have the fanboy contingent to come in and point out the most bias and flawed while completely ignoring the fair reviews.

I dont really care about the score but a low score from a site like Gamepro means nothing to me when they didnt even bother to play the game and proved it in their review. And Edge? Who takes Edge seriously any more? They've ripped some good games for every console.

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SinnedNogara3396d ago

It's a bias review, and I don't think anyone takes your comments seriously either.

Snake Raiser3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

You're both kind of right. I don't really think this is biased, but to me a game flops only if ALL of these apply to it.
1: Bad review scores (not really true here)
2: Bad Sales (True)
3: Not even a small group likes it. (not true)
If you ask me IMO you should buy this if you already have a wii. Other than that you have plenty of good alternatives on other systems. So if you don't have a wii don't be too jealous. Again Mr.N i'm not saying it is bad. It just is not the top of the FPS games as some people said it would be.

lokiroo4203396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Damn mr nintendo take a deep breath, a break from the damage control and not worry about others opinions. oh, and btw comparing killzone and halo to this turd pile makes you look really intelligent!

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