VGC E3 2009: Preview: A Boy and His Blob

VGC writes: "A Boy and His Blob is an award-winning game made for the NES in 1989 by David Crane (designer of the original 1982 Pitfall), in which the planet Blobolonia is being terrorized by an evil emperor. One blob escapes to Earth to look for help and finds you, a young boy with nothing but some courage and a whole ton of jellybeans. You quickly discover that each jellybean flavor turns the blob into a different tool to help you solve different puzzles and overcome different obstacles. Tangerine jellybeans transform the blob into a trampoline, while Aplle jellybeans turn it into a jack. Half the fun is exploring the maze-like sewers and finding out what the different jellybeans do, but without wasting too many of them before you really need them."

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