Enable Hulu On PS3 With Workaround

A few days after blocking PlayStation 3 users, Hulu has yet to respond to questions concerning the change which has only helped to fuel rumors it is related to the Microsoft ad campaign currently featured on the site, but that seems less likely now that we've confirmed it also began blocking the Flash-enabled Skyfire browser on Windows Mobile devices at the same time. Whatever the cause is, if you prefer a homegrown hack over something like PlayOn or TVersity, Eric over at has put together a simple enough walkthrough for creating an "unblockable" workaround by setting up a locally connected PC running Linux or Windows with the freely available Squid proxy server software that will make your PS3 look like appear as a PC running a Firefox (or whatever you prefer) browser to any website that asks. Of course, just like the other solutions your computer will need to stay running to keep you connected, but Engadget figures it's a small price to pay for enjoying relatively low res Flash video running on an HDTV.

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sunil3399d ago

Quote from article "it's a small price to pay for enjoying relatively low res Flash video running on an HDTV."

Basically asking us to stfu

FamilyGuy3399d ago


Anyone got a link to a free site, that host high quality videos, that playable on the ps3s web browser. Things like dailymotion and youtube but with nice quality

mistajeff3399d ago

Hmm.. now it's began blocking this flash-enabled skyfire thang? I'm starting to get suspicious here. I keep reading stuff about how MS is trying to usurp Flash with Silverlight. First a Sony platform, then an Adobe platform get locked out? This is starting to get fishy.

El_Colombiano3399d ago

Hi there. You must be new to the concept and business of Microsoft. For a quick reference, consult a dictionary and look up "Monopoly" in terms of business practices.

mistajeff3399d ago

lol, I was just trying to broach the subject gently...

Proxy3399d ago

Although I despise such conspiracies, if Hulu wants to side with MS and drop support of flash, then I'll find another service.

As the saying goes:

"I'll keep my money, you keep your product, and we'll see who loses at the end of the day."

Godmars2903399d ago

Not really going to matter if the general public picks it up. Which most in the US probably will. But I'm also guessing that a lot of Europe and Asia wont touch Silverlight.

darthv723399d ago

Seems the best workaround is for sony to release a silverlight plugin for the ps3 browser. Hulu looks to be transitioning to sil verlight (rumor) because it can offer equal or better results at less bandwidth requirements.

Godmars2903399d ago

Not that they couldn't, but I'm sure MS would love that.

Not that MS probably doesn't get money for WMP playback on PS3.

Megaton3399d ago

Microsoft: No matter what your parade is, we'll rain on it.

I couldn't watch highlights of the Olympics last year because of Silverlight. Wouldn't install properly at the NBC website that had become infected with Microsoft's cancerous Flash knockoff as the 'exclusive' viewing device.

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mirroredderorrim3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Looks like this is a job for~! .............................

The European Union!

I kid, I kid.

Knightrid8083399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

What you did there, I see it.

Dellis3399d ago

Hulu is crap, its all NBC garbage

just use YT

You Already Know3399d ago

exactly...the more you watch Hulu...the more you phase out YT...

keep YT alive...Hulu is the commercialized version of YT...

gamesR4fun3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

you tube im guessing
wbtw sucks large since no shows...

try joost pro ps3 n all...

Godmars2903399d ago

Since when haven't there been shows on Youtube? I'm watching the Justice League cartoons. Sucks that they're in parts but its only a 30 second break between them.

Megaload isn't too bad either - if their search engine wasn't crap that is.

rockleex3398d ago

You can only watch for a certain amount of time.

gamesR4fun3398d ago

ok i stand corrected there are shows but not a good selection n there almost always cut up or getting deleted...

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