IGN: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood PS3 Review

IGN writes: "Two years ago, Techland and Ubisoft released Call of Juarez, a first person shooter set in the Wild West that focused on revenge and a search for a mythical cursed treasure. The thing that really stood out with the game was a memorable anti-hero in the form of Reverend Ray, a brimstone and hellfire preacher who wielded the bible and a six shooter with equal ease in battle. Clearly, there was much more to his personal story than gold and retribution. To capitalize on this, TechLand and Ubisoft reteamed for Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, an origin story of Reverend Ray, his brothers and their quest for gold. More action packed than the first game, Bound in Blood is a solid title that's held back by technical issues and some repetitive gameplay sequences."

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Rifle-Man3488d ago

If this was the only western coming out, I'd buy it. I'm betting Red Dead Redemption will be the better game.

solidjun53488d ago

yea, I was thinking about getting Red Dead Redemption. Call of Juarez seems pretty solid to me.