Xbox Live Is Having Difficulties

Xbox Live is having difficulties this is what says:

Users may experience difficulties when attempting to use Marketplace and/or making purchases.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3489d ago

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Defectiv3_Detectiv33488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

I think that instead of giving gamers a downloadable title that is essentially worthless they should credit people's accounts or write this time off and extend their subscriptions.

If you are try to provide a fee-based service than it is only right that if you can not provide that service your customers are compensated.

Sunny_D3489d ago


joeyisback25853489d ago

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Spike473488d ago

lol jk no need for comebacks.
I don't know why this is news, there are always problems online with all services from time to time.

ASSASSYN 36o3488d ago

Negative turbo. Problems with xbox-live and xbox-live only make the news because it runs so efficiently. And given that performance is generally great it is a shock to see it having problems. Now for the PSN thats another story. It's rocky network is nothing new.

dktxx23488d ago

Which service was the one that crashed for 2 weeks last year?

shocky163488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Oh well.

Blaze9293488d ago

Hmmm 2 weeks? Dunno what service that was; maybe you should tell us.

AAACE53488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Yep, it's happening to me as well! The only thing that pisses me off is I am having problems getting into a game of Gears 2 multiplayer. I can get into Cod 4 and WaW, Test Drive Unlimited, Far Cry 2, Midnight Club:LA and all my other games except for Gears 2!

Edit @ Too Hyped...

I got a question. Since you and every other fanboy talk about how great PSN is, I am curious... If you had to pay what XBL gamers pay, would you still have PSN?

Keep in mind that the main reason it is free is because Sony couldn't get gamers to pay for their online service on the Ps2! So they made it free to steal fire from XBL!

I know you wierdo's are going to take my last bubble, and I am looking foward to it! This place is getting boring anyway! The idiots on here just get stupider by the day, and people with common sense who can have a normal conversation get shafted.

What a joke...

meatnormous3488d ago

Sony never tried to charge for online play on the PS2 or psp. I played socom on the ps2 damn near everyday and the only thing that cost money was a map pack. Man I miss socom cause confrontation is trash.

Syronicus3488d ago

It's a known fact that Live was down for those two weeks. It was around Christmas time if I recall correctly and it was a bummer indeed. Couldn't even play COD4 with my buddies at the time and in some cases, some folks made the switch to PS3 just in spite of the situation.

Live typically runs smoothly but looking around the web you can see more articles about Live being down for periods of time spanning 2 to 10 days or so more frequently than the PSN. It's not like it's the end of the world but I can see why paying customers get upset when their service goes down. Heck, if my phone when down for two weeks I would be ticked! I play online more than I talk on the phone too!

DevastationEve3488d ago

2 to 10 days is absolute BS. it's called BEING SUSPENDED at that point, lol. if they're trying to pin that on XBL as "down time" then they're just being stupid.

absolute BS. don't even try to back it up. maybe i might yield to it being possible in other countries, but not for that long.

Syronicus3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Look at the comments from Live users. The dates go from December 23rd to December 29th. I also recall them going into January for some users.

Here's a blog that talks about Live still being down around the 31st of December after having gone down around the 23rd.

Surely these folks were not all suspended... Right?

All of these articles are about the near 10 day downtime Live had over Christmas break. I'm not bringing this up to be a prick but you called me on it and here ya go.

This is not typical of Live but you do see where some folks get pretty ticked off for this kind of service when they do pay for it. If it were free, this would be a moot point.

Kushan3488d ago

"Which service was the one that crashed for 2 weeks last year? "

I dunno, the last time Live went down in any meaningful way was around Christmas 2007. We're not half-way through 2009, last year was (surprisingly) 2008, so what exactly is it you're getting at?

dktxx23487d ago

I didn't mean to say that xbox live sucks in my above comment. i just think its really stupid to say that this is only newsworthy because "live never has a bad day."

every network will have its bad times. the psn will have one someday too.

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