New Releases for the Week of 7/3/2006 (USA)!

Complete list of new releases (USA) for the week of 7/3/2006 on Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, PSP, GameCube, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Game Boy!

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TOM5423d ago

so one release last week for the 360 and one release this week.Is this going to turn into the dreamcast or what .I know its the slow time of year but this is a bit of a joke.

Lucidmantra5421d ago

yeah i know right.... they should release like 6 crappy games a week that will suck and waste our money instead of developing titles a little slower since the console isn't even a year out yet and all. moron. In about 3 months there will be plenty coming out the summer times is always slower.

Bill Gates I Am5423d ago

I'll not be buying Lord Of The Rings. Good.

G_CodeMonkey5423d ago

If you look, the other systems have about the same (some have two games), but nothing earth shattering. We know this is a slower time of the year as they all get ready for the holiday season. I will be buying LORBFME2 and laying waste on-line. gCM