Is Eight Days Still Alive?

On 4th June 2008, Sony cancelled both Eight Days and the ps3 'The Getaway' title. However, Jim Jagger who is (or was) Animation Director on Eight Days has released a demo reel including some examples of his work; and pre production footage of Eight Days features prominently.

Could this be a sign that Eight Days is back in development? Or confirmation that Sony have abandoned the title, leaving Jagger free to do what he wishes with his contributions to the game?


GhostStorm contact Sony about Eight Days and it’s bad news: Sony Said, No, Eight Days is no longer in development… the footage in that showreel is old, and leaked out after some of team members left the studio where it was being made.

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scruffy_bear3397d ago

I hope it's back from the dead, look's awesome

360degrees3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

a certain game either gets delayed (please see Duke Nukem) or simply canceled all together as both Eight Days and The Getaway were. The most common scenarios are usually budget, lack of interest in the game, or an overall poor quality in the games development, and I personally believe the latter was true of Eight Days. In my opinion Eight Days is better of left for dead(no pun intended), and the developers should focus on more promising projects

G3TDOWN3397d ago

they are cancelled for now. That doesn't mean there will be no Eight days or getaway 3

Seraphim3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

I really wish they'd throw Eight Days back on the block and start grinding away on it. But I can see where they're coming from in canceling it. Just sucks for us 350k that would have bought it and the other 250k that would have played it...

Anyway, this footage we all saw last year sometime. In a similar video. Maybe it was even this video minus the EyePet footage. Or a video from the same guy. But I KNOW for a fact that we saw this, or something like it with the same footage posted on N4G LONG AGO. So this is nothing new and shows no sign of life for the game. I GUARANTEE THAT.

right here, but the video is awol. Which I guess can be expected when the post is 285 days 10 hours ago...

YoungKingDoran3397d ago

who disagreed with seraphim? i have seen this footage a while ago also. this was like one of the original 8 days vids everyone watched back in the day. but like he said, back then i think it was minus the eyepet footage

DeadlyFire3397d ago

I believe Getaway and Eight Days were to ambitious for the PS3. Just look at the detail and plans they had for them. They were too much for the PS3 in the end I believe. PS4 though. Maybe. Sony has alot on its plate every year. More so than any other platform typically.

gaffyh3397d ago

What if Sony realised they should never announce a game too early (cos of KZ2 delaying), and just said the games were cancelled altogether, but they are actually working on them in secret?

That would be awesome.

rockleex3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

Remember, Sony likes to keep all their IPs fresh and unique, different from each other.

Uncharted already fills the "summer blockbluster" role pretty well.

Sony decided to cancel Getaway and Eight Days to use their technology elsewhere, on different unique IPs.

I would be guessing the team are probably working on innovative REAL games(hopefully not mini games) for the PS Motion Controller. ^_^

All we need to know is that their talents are not going to be wasted. Sony made a great business decision in order to save TONS of money, to be able to provide us with MORE unique IPs and less of the same thing.

Sony also wouldn't do this if Sony didn't have something even BETTER behind the scenes.

Seraphim3396d ago

If I'm not mistaken Sony London isn't really doing much atm. They're obviously still working on EyePet, probably another SingStar, but for the most part I don't think they're doing anything else atm. Maybe working on something else eyetoy related. But I think when it comes to big games like the Getaway and Eight Days (both obviously canceled) we're not going to see this studio pump out anything like that soon.

Too bad Sony doesn't shoot the NBA license over to them because NBA Shootout 97 was one of the best basketball games I've ever played. ;) It's hard to say what direction their going with this studio but given the economy I'd have to believe that Sony London isn't going to be doing anything big. Sony shut down both these games for a reason and we can only assume why. I'd assume that because they have limited appeal and would have minimal sales that wouldn't justify the development costs. But Sony London will probably just continue w/ SingStar and possibly some eyetoy content. EyePet looks absolutely brilliant and I'm sure they're going to hit the market hard with DLC like they are w/ LBP on that one. New clothes, maybe new animals, toys, etc... ;) And surely once that motion control reaches true development status (maybe it is now) Sony London will be working on something for that...

mfwahwah3396d ago


8 Days... poor quality...


Watch the related video. The whole thing. The animations are beautifully done.

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Godmars2903397d ago

Considering the leaked dev footage I at least hope that those assets are being put into another game.

scruffy_bear3397d ago

It would be a waste if they let those assets go, but I think Sony maybe about to bring Eight Days back.

SlyGuy3397d ago

it had many people (including myself) wondering if the technology behind Eight Days was being used for Drake.

I would not be surprised at all if this tech is used in some form or fashion in another game.

mistajeff3397d ago

It really seems possible, those are some extremely fluid animations, especially for something that early in development. In the live chat Evan Wells mentioned Sony's internal database and how people will upload source code, etc, so it seems likely that they didn't completely waste this tech.

saint_john_paul_ii3397d ago

apparently that idiot gamesblow just stated that its in the works. apparently talking about it on twitter. I sometimes doubt his credibility. he said hes finally opening his site this friday. he better not be joking this time.

Rob0g0rilla3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

He's been wrong and caught lying so many times it's ridiculous.

poopsack3397d ago

i remember he attacked Sev bbefore r3 saying that Trico was nothing like what Team Ico currently was working with, and then they go on to reveal the last guardian XD

scruffy_bear3397d ago

While I do believe Eight Days is still alive, I doubt gamesblow know anymore than the rest of us

dragonyght3397d ago

this and the getaway im holding my breath on this these being back on production

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