Should Left 4 Dead 2 Be Free?

Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb and Mr Sark discuss whether 'L4D2' qualifies as a new game or whether it should be considered 'Left 4 Dead' DLC, and thus, be free to players.

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qface643421d ago

i wouldn't go so far as to say it should be free

personally im against LF42 if its a full 60 dollar game
if its cheaper than 60 though then its alright with me

xwabbit3421d ago

I already got it free so I'm gewd

Jinxstar3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

The big problem that the petitioners mention is thus. They fear it will split the community because valve have said they are "Separate games" if they made it so you could integrate the 2 with all the enemies/heroes and such the fans would not be AS upset as they are. Also yes they feel they are milking the fans that support them. G4 totally misses the main point of the petitioners and thats spliting the community. Also lack of support for past games because seriously L4D was a good 2 hour game. The online was alright for a bit... More support was needed. I mean has the 360 version even gotten any DLC. I really am asking because I have the PC version. it just feels like they are kinda boning the people who support them and expect the same support back. Modders and everyone else in the community who have built all new content are going to feel like it was a waste of time in many ways...

It really should be DLC/add on. Make it high priced DLC but integrate the 2...

Edit: @ disagrees. Really? What did I say that was Fanboyish or wrong? Really? Was it because I bought the PC version? The fact that I have a lot of friends from my old MMO days who love TF2 and L4D and only play on PC?

Watch last weeks invisible walls. Marcus beer goes into detail on why the petitioners are so upset. It really does make sense. you don't have to join them. It wont change the fact that it is coming out and will sell boat loads. However they do have a right to feel that way... It's their choice. I didn't sign the petition.

IdleLeeSiuLung3421d ago

The 360 I believe got a FREE DLC. A FREE DLC!

What more can I say, there is no reason why Valve has to support anything, but the fact that they did officially pledge support is a plus in my book. I'm no fan of L4D, but still thinks this whole petition is ridiculous. Why do we have double standards on different game devs when plenty of rehashed games comes out yearly.

Valve has in some ways spoiled their fans. Ironically the fans have made them who they are.... Maybe Valve could have a trade up program. We will give you an upgrade at reduced price in exchange for your L4D1 license/disc. This of course will enraged another minority of game owners that don't want to upgrade....

Blaze9293421d ago

I thought all this L4D2 crap had died down but there goes X-Play bringing the issue RIGHT back up again.

I agree, this could've been perfect DLC for L4D1 at maybe $20. Let's just hope they actually support L4D2 with tons of content and not a L4D3 next year.

evrfighter3421d ago

It's not that G4 missed the point. It's that they chose to attack what would draw more hits/ratings. The legit arguments were tossed out the window. What we have left when this is done is a straw man. William Randolph Hearst is smiling in his grave at how well they pulled it off.

I read the steam l4d/l4d2 forums everyday. The majority of gamers do NOT want this to be free. L4d2 is new character skins, new weapon skins, new maps and new infected. The only REAL feature I'm seeing that wasn't promised to be in l4d1 was the revamped AI director. In essence, pretty much what Valve promised would be in l4d is being charged at the premium as a new game. The majority of us would gladly pay for this. But at full price?...

In my eyes this is an expansion. Or an episode if you go by what Valve has been adding to HL2. Not worth full price. $25 is the most I'd pay for it. I'm still going to support Valve because they've never wronged pc gamers. But I WILL be giving them what this game is worth. $25 and not a penny more. If I have to wait 6mo-1yr then so be it. MW2 will tide me over just fine and without any fuss.

solar3421d ago

like any game, like any sequel, from any developer, if the game is effing fun, ill buy it and play the crap outta it. i only care about FUN.

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-MD-3421d ago

Everyone who bought the original should get a discount =D

I'm my dreams...

heroicjanitor3421d ago

Of course it shouldn't, but it shouldn't be full price either.

y0haN3421d ago

Exactamundo! I won't be buying this until it's $20 or less.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3421d ago

No Valve needs to eliminate the average franchise altogether.Although the 360 is accustomed to mediocre games so perhaps its fine

Sunny_D3421d ago

Hell, you can charge a hundred dollars for the game and xbots will still buy it. LOL BEND OVER FOR MICROSOFT! HAHAHA!

Obama3421d ago

no but they shouldn't charge full price for it. It is essentially the same as left 4 dead 1 from what I can tell in the gameplay videos. They even have the same bosses except for one.

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