Afrika Is Like An Ugly Person With No Personality

CinemaBlend thoroughly trashes Afrika, one of the showcases from Sony's E3 2006 presentation.

Excerpt: "I'm not sure why Natsume thought this would be a good project to publish on the powerhouse PS3, but that's exactly what makes this game not look good. In all honesty, it looks like a game that came out of the original Xbox era and would probably be suited better for the Nintendo Wii.

The resolution isn't particularly good and the pace of the game (though, more appropriately it should be called an interactive photo-simulation program) is so slow that anyone watching is forced to stare down the uncomely visuals and blocky graphics. So far, the sound seems to be extremely well done and the vehicle and environmental effects come off with great quality. However, it doesn't make up for the long load times, bland aesthetic and uninspiring atmosphere."

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Jack Klugman3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

then it should be the hottest title on plopstation!

beep! beep! beep!

DasBunker3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

are you trying to tell us youre like afrika jack? ;)

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3448d ago

Come on now leave Gabe Newell alone!!! ;-D

ptotoy3448d ago

the hate and the lies against anyhting ps3 related from xbutt sites are sickening.. at least back up your opinion with facts.. not compressed video that clearly do not fairly represent the game

jack_burt0n3448d ago

"Ugly Person With No Personality"

just makes me think of william usher.

DasBunker3448d ago

i disagree with the title because
Games like Afrika are unique and scarce
and ugly people with no personality are everywhere you go.

JonahFalcon3448d ago

Hope you enjoy the $60 it'll cost.

Greywulf3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

Afrika is a beautiful game. The games design is open world, which the write up seems to miss. You travel parts of a crimped off africa, much like Grand Theft Auto's islands. Once you start, you're already in the "Zone" to take your photos. Your mission is to use STEALTH to sneak up on animals and take pictures of them, which this writeup doesn't even mention. You're taking pictures for money. You get missions to do, and you do them. You drive the vehicle to the watering hole, or wherever it is that you need to get to. Once there, you bail out of the car. Think any type of photographer simulation game.

It just complains about the graphics of a 2006(hello?) title. The game features dynamic lighting, its a thing of awe to sit and watch the sun go down and see the vibrant blues/purples/yellows kiss the horizon. The human models are on par with Tekken5-6, theres a clear japanese influence/eye here. Minus the clothing simulation, the animals are well done. Not only that but each animal has a bio that you can read about. Then theres the shop. You upgrade your camera and gear much like gran turismo. You buy lenses/lures(iirc) and other things.

Afrika isn't a ps3 powerhouse. But that puts it in prime territory for average graphic titles like prototype and others with unremarkable visuals, but good enough graphics with some polish here and there. But its still entertaining since a game can have below average visuals like Ninja Blade or Velvet assassin, and still be entertainment. Hmm why did i write that twice?

The loading times is the only real issue with the game, for some odd reason your save file.. yes your save file.. is 350MB. Which is shocking. Its a shame the author didn't even take a second to investigate this.

And oh yeah, it has online to where everyone around the world can share their photos and vote on the best ones.

If you're an animal nut, and can mind the load times which just happen when you save, its a fun game. worth the 80 i paid? yep. I haven't played anything like it. but if you're not a fan of nature.. i dont see buying this one.

cayal3448d ago

"Hope you enjoy the $60 it'll cost."

Don't you have more baseless articles to write with no facts or figures to back you up?

Or have you given up being the complete joke of a 'journalist' you claim to be?

3448d ago
Maddens Raiders3448d ago

cinemablend gets more schizophrenic by the week it seems. Thanks for the laugh.

Tony P3448d ago

It wouldn't call it crap or the best thing ever made because it's exclusive.

It is a niche title you'll either love or hate. Did you enjoy finding all the snapshot locales in GTA: San Andreas? The game is pretty much that, driving included. Definitely won't appeal to all.

Tbh, I don't see how the game looks ugly or blocky. It looked pretty nice from all those videos I watched on youtube.

3448d ago
Light Yagami3448d ago

This game is terrible, don't listen to greywulf *cough*PS3 fanboy*cough*

shadow27973448d ago

Hey guys, if someone has an opinion that differs from yours, it doesn't give you the right to insult them. Sorry, it just gets really tiring reading similar comments in every piece of news on this site. And when a small, niche game about something as innocent as photography turns into something to insult each other over, you know there's a problem. Not all games, movies, books, etc. (read: media) are for everyone.

To each his own.


Rob0g0rilla3448d ago

He can actually form a valid opinion on the game unlike other people who took one look at the title and labeled the game as garbage and started bashing, right? Exactly, and then you call him a PS3 fanboy lol.

3448d ago
cmrbe3448d ago

Should stick to playing gears.

Dam if someone brings something different to gaming. You x360 trolls are the most boring unimanigitve people I have ever come across.

When will you dam kids realize that not everyone want to shoot and blow stuff up from start to the end of a game?.

Yet you guys wonder why PS fans think that most of you fools are just kids:

WIIIS13448d ago

I bought and played the game (Japanese version) hoping that it would offer some realistic adventure out in nature. What I experienced was a big barren boring land with a few small locations where a limited wildlife go about doing a limited variety of actions such as giraffes and zebras strolling around, going to the water for a drink, and reacting to you when you come too close. You don't get to see predators chasing prey randomly - these events you see only as a one-off sequence when you progress in the game (by taking photos of various animals). I can't imagine anyone deriving any kind of satisfaction from this game at all, unless he's completely starved of good games.

Syronicus3448d ago

For its animals and photography aspects. It's about taking pictures of animals in a land I may never see in real life. I would rent it for certain and would more than likely enjoy it while seeing my kids faces light up with joy as they see me taking pictures of a cool animal they have never seen before.

gaffyh3448d ago

The game is obviously not for everyone, I mean it's a photography game. Making up stupid article titles just shows that you are butthurt for spending money on a game that you knew you won't like.

callahan093448d ago

@ Everyone bashing this game now because they want to believe the one preview that trashed it. Now, not everyone sang pure praise of it, but most of the other previews had a lot of good to say about the game.

-- "There's a cheap, simple trick to the game's photography system that's somehow addictive as hell."
-- "You read the premise, you dismiss it as stupid, then one day you find yourself playing it, and feel ashamed, and look around and realise you're loving it."
-- "Chasing down animals then angling for the perfect shot is a lot more fun than you'd imagine."

-- "With licensed cameras and lenses, as well as photorealistic graphics, it was as if we were onsite, except without the bugs and the risk of malaria."
-- "It is a fun concept and could be a useful learning tool for those who have the patience and the motivation to learn the techniques of becoming a wildlife photographer."

-- "Afrika is a relaxing game of hide and go snap for the most part. If you are tired of shooting zombies in the face or braving war torn territory, you may want to try your hand at this PS3 exclusive"

VG Chartz:
-- "It's amazing what technology can do for some games. In a nature photography game, great graphics and believable animal behavior is certainly important. Afrika may not be for everyone, but for those looking for a unique and serene experience there may be nothing better."
-- "While the graphics are not the most amazing on the system anymore, it's still a beautiful game. The animal models especially are impressive, and their behaviors are believable. National Geographic apparently had a part in that, insuring that all the fauna acted appropriately for the game."
-- "If you have an interest in nature or in wildlife photography Afrika is definitely for you. If you just want something different and unique then Afrika is still something you should check out. Whatever the case, you can check out this interesting and enjoyable experience this August."

-- "It's not everyday that a game I've never heard of really catches me off guard and makes me pay attention. That happened this afternoon with the game Afrika."

-- "The animals are incredible to watch; they are truly life-like in every way, and as a result, it does give you the feeling that you are there."
-- "I found the lighting to be very well done and added to the atmosphere, especially at dusk."

rockleex3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

In fact, its a lot more interactive than that. In Pokemon Snap, you just ride a roller coaster that takes you through the stages. You have no control over your character's movements.

In here, you're actually doing what real photographers do when taking pictures of animals. Using stealth and caution, approaching the animals in ways where they won't feel threatened.

The only difference is that you won't get killed if you make a mistake.

If you enjoy taking pictures, then you'll enjoy this.

popup3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

"Hope you enjoy the $60 it'll cost."

A nice meal out costs more than that and have you looked at the pan the next day? Exactly.

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360degrees3448d ago

...and it gives you a sense of the African Wilderness... there you have it ladies and gentlemen, at the end of the day a bad game is still just a bad game no matter what ways you try to disguise it with excuses and reasons for its subpar nature

BadboyCivic3448d ago

all PS3 exclusives are AAA

RememberThe3573448d ago

This is a game about taking pictures in Africa. I'd get it if it was a downloadable game. But I am not dropping $60 on this, $15 at the most.

cayal3448d ago

The xbox fanboys are out. Waiting for the next AAA game brings out bitterness.

RememberThe3573448d ago

So your calling this a AAA title?

Stevie Ray Vaughan3448d ago

"Ugly Person With No Personality"

No thats the PS3.

3448d ago
KILL-ALL-CURE3448d ago

"Ugly Person With No Personality"
So your saying that the ps3 is so technoligically advanced that it is considered a person?

ButterToast3448d ago

obviously cayal was referring to the 360's current lack of AAA games not that this game was AAA. The game is made for a niche audience, a niche that you clearly are not in.

SprSynJn3448d ago

I gave you positive feedback on a previous post, and then you post that. Wish there was a way to take it back...

Rob0g0rilla3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

Because of someone else's opinion, correct? I doubt you even own a PS3, let alone played this game. Just doing your usual trolling on your 929238343th account. Nothing new here.

cliffbo3448d ago

Replying to: #2 - but ....but ....its different and unique...


JonahFalcon3448d ago

Someone didn't see the E3 2006 Sony conference. Afrika was hyped beyond belief using, of course, prerendered target videos.

The water effects in the videos on CB, for instance, are sub-SUBpar.

El Botto3448d ago

"Someone didn't see the E3 2006 Sony conference."

Am I the only one who finds this incredibly amusing?

Sony's E3 2006? Lmao you mean the conference they had over 3 years ago? The one where they showed Afrika for two minutes?

Lmao waiting for games to play on your console must have made you fanboys buttburt because if thats the best you can do.

"Hey guys, we are running out of things to bash the PS3, lets dig up three year old stuff and attack!"

That quote sums up how pathetic you fanboys have become. Afrika, kid, is a 2 year old game. Noone gives a damn about Afrika.

RememberThe3573448d ago

How do you have bubbles?

I don't think this game is going to be much but how are you going to bring up E3 2006. Back then Sony was publishing the game, of course they are going to hype it, it's their job. You seem to have some strange thing against Sony that you need to work out on your own, not by writing articles about it.

Wow I wrote that pretty well for being drunk.

mastiffchild3448d ago

Indeed you did. Drunken writing may be thr way forward for a few I can think of on here 357. they wouldn't make any less sense would they?

Good job sir!

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DNAgent3448d ago

"I wish this game was on the Xbox 360 so we would have games to play, but it's not so i'm going to bash it."

MetalGearBear 3448d ago

if u want afrika really bad!!!!