Free Realms hits 4 million registered, preview of upcoming changes

Jaime Skelton writes:

"Free Realms has announced today that it has passed the 4 million registered players mark. To celebrate, Treasure Tickets rewarded from any quest, mini-game, etc will be doubled from July 2nd to July 8th. Members will also recieve an additional bonus reward (TBD).

Free Realms staff has also confirmed the upcoming changes planned for the game, as they were announced at Sony's Fan Faire. "

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killyourfm3394d ago

I've been meaning to check out Free Realms. How in the world did they nab 4 million users already? Wild!

MxShade3394d ago

Advertising - they really slammed the kids' networks with TV ads. Those TV spots have done them a lot of good.

Odion3394d ago

its the way they word it, its 4 million registered, which means if you do the 10 second free sign up, and only play for 20 minutes and then never again your still counted in their numbers, its not like when Blizzard announces numbers and its active account that have been used up to that point.

Pennywise3394d ago

Thats the way it is for most services Odion. I know plenty of people who have quit WoW. I wouldnt be surprised that they(including me) are still counted.

Brian52473394d ago

Advertise this alongside a $199 PS3 to kids and boom, back on track.