LIVE 41.5 - Kiss my Dash Update RedOctane - The Gamers Roundtable

Topics include…
Guitar Hero 2 Song Packs Outrage. Whats the problem here?
GoW ANNEX. How cool is it? Why is it free? Where is other free game content?
The fresh announced Dashboard Update. Are you excited? Anything missing?
GTA4 excitement continues with new details. Your impressions.
Do you still play with your Wii?
Plus Halo 2 and 3, Crackdown, Boom Boom Rocket and more.
YAY or NAY with the 3 red lights of doom. Microsoft claims 5%. Is it more like 30?

Show Wrap-Up Discussion
Steve shares his new bed purchase with Rusty.
PGR3 Tournament! Did you join yet?
New Contest Giveaway next week: One year Xbox Live Gold.
Outtakes and more…

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