VGC E3 2009: Preview: Medieval Games

VGC writes: "Tucked away in the corner of Bethesda's private booth was a loney kiosk for the one Wii game on display. Though it's not being published under the Bethesda label (rather, related company Vir2l Studios is handling the publishing duties on this one), Medieval Games was at E3 in the Bethesda booth. It's probably no real surprise that in a crowd of media fighting over a half-dozen different HD games, a minigame-compilation for the Wii was getting all but ignored, but with only a few minutes before my next appointment and no time to wait in line anyway, I decided to check it out."

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SpoonyRedMage3394d ago

I think someone suggested a Medieval compilation game for one of the HD console's motion controls.

I can't say this game looks very good though really. Bethesda should port Morrowind to the Wii and add Motionplus support, may be a graphics patch if possible. I'd be happy with that.