Edge Time Extend: Zelda - Majora's Mask

Edge writes: "Long before MEGATON!!! there was TRIFORCE!!! Nintendo rumours have always been fuelled by hope as much as by hype, and 1999 was no different. As Zelda devotees faced the horrible prospect of actually finishing Ocarina of Time – seven long years of waiting capped by a brief fortnight of ecstatic gaming – whispers of a hidden quest began to spread. By learning the Song of Sages (or unlocking Dark Link, or finding the invisible chest in the Great Deku Tree, or catching two big fish in a row, or just buying it for 500 rupees, depending on who you asked) you could actually find the Triforce. Suddenly that trio of triangles on the item screen made sense, suddenly there was something to take the sting out of Ganon's final curses. The dubious screenshots that accompanied the rumours were duly debunked, of course, and apologised for exacerbating the situation with an ill-judged April Fool. The Triforce was officially unobtainable."

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