Michael Jackson is Left 4 Dead

As a tribute to the King of Pop, who tragically passed away last week, an enterprising Left 4 Dead modder has created a mod that replaces the game's music with some of Michael Jackson's most popular songs.

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Godmars2903489d ago

I doubt that MJ's "cult" will ever be as big as Elvis's.

But then again, he never went through a "fat" phase, so there's not going to be as many impersonators around.

evrfighter3489d ago

the king of pop vs. The king debates should be interesting

Godmars2903489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )


Just watched the evening news; looks like I have to take that Neverland comment back.

3489d ago
ObviousTruth3489d ago

his death wasn't tragic. his life was tragic. and he brought a good portion of it on himself.

i'm tired of hearing about this guy.

AAACE53488d ago

Reguardless of what you thought about his personal life, or how he looked... Michael Jackson has made great music that has touched people (no pun intended), and has inspired people everywhere!

Comedians like Eddie Griffin have imitated him. Singers like Usher, Justin Timberlake and lots of others have copied his dancing styles and such.

The point is, this is a touching situation for some. I like to laugh at jokes about anyone, but at least wait a week or two...

jessehaysfl3488d ago

well aaace5 even though you want to leave I gave you a bubble....

PopEmUp3488d ago

will there be a king of troll lol (jokin)

btw I gave AAA +bubble for saying something right for once =)

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PotNoodle3489d ago

What other "kings" of [music genre here] are going to die?

Eiffel3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Wow I was expecting a crappy in game mod. This is even better. Seems to work smoothly. Rest In Peace Michael Jackson.

He's moon walking his way to Heaven.

kaveti66163488d ago

I really don't know why you got disagrees for saying that.

Marquis_de_Sade3488d ago

Perhaps due to atheists such as myself.

kaveti66163488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Why would that offend you? He didn't say anything against atheism.

Marquis_de_Sade3487d ago

I didn't claim to being offended, I just pointed out atheists may have disagreed with the idea of heaven.

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cmrbe3489d ago

I mean. Where was everyone when he needed people the most?. Fu*king leaches.

Leading up to his death alot of people and the media especially made him out to be a crazy lunatic and now everyone is praising and act like they miss him after he is dead. Too freaking late.

The media knows no shame at all. All of this hoopla is from the media because it sells their god dam story. If MJ was alive they would be kicking him non stop 24/7.

Eiffel3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

He had many supporters who would stand outside chanting his name while he was in court for false charges. The media always does this but you say it as if everyone in the media agrees to past announcements about Michael Jackson. I noticed people who I've never seen in the media say such things. Really depends on who you single out which is hard to do because his charges were so long ago its hard to remember who exactly in the media said such things.

ObviousTruth3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

just because a heavily edited jury found him not guilty one time doesn't mean the charges were false. if he was as innocent as you believe, why'd he settle the first couple out of court for MILLIONS?

and while i agree that ppl are just jumping on the "michael is dead" bandwagon, i disagree that he deserves any of it. the guy has been ruining his body and has basically gone crazy over the last 2 decades. and all the evidence from the autopsies points to suicide. the only thing about this guy worth respecting was his music. and that was 15+ years ago. most ppl hated him during those 15 years cuz the media told them to, and now they love him again cuz the media is telling them to.

simply put...people are sheep.

lets see how big of a deal ppl make when real men like stephen hawking die. you know...people who, despite their natural disabilities, still strove to make the world a better place. not self-centered psychos who tortured their bodies and maybe even took advantage of small children.

i guess in most ppl's minds, having an intimate understanding of physics, chemistry, and the universe isn't nearly as important or world changing as a guy with a few hit songs. pretty sad.

PotNoodle3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I honestly don't think he *abused* any children, he probably acted inappropriately for a man of his age to be around children, but i don't think he set out to abuse any child, there was an interview with MJ as a kid, back just around when he nearing the end of the jackson 5 - he said he doesn't have any friends, he can't play, he can have his friends over to sleep - so thats what i think he was compensating for when he COULD do it, compensating for all the lost time as a child.

He opened up his Home every two weeks for sick children, he let them play in his theme park, he entertained them, he specially adapted his house for wheel chairs, had hospital beds made in this theater so those that need to stay in bed could watch him perform.

Yes, it is pretty weird for a man of his age to love to act like a child and play games with other children like a child, but i just think it was his childhood, or lack of that hit something in his head that made him want to live his childhood again, he could never have any friends as a kid.

I was one of those joining in calling him a pedo, but after watching interviews (not about child abuse stuff) and watching how he acts, i honestly think it was him who was abused, abused by the media, abused by those parents (and maybe children) who ABUSED MJ's trust just to get a payment out of him.

cmrbe3489d ago

The truth is those families settled for money. Would you settle for money if you know your kid was molested?.

For me i will do everything possible to get justice if it was my kid that was molested. Never ever will i settle for money.

I am not a MJ fan nor do i hate him. However i do admire him as an artist and a human being but it just saddens me that it took his death for people to leave him alone for for his so called fans to remember what a great artist he is.

Sitdown3489d ago

You do realize innocent people settle out of court all the time right? I am not saying he is innocent or guilty.......but its just a fact.

Halo3 MLG Pro3488d ago


Read this for some interesting facts.

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