Major League Baseball 2k6 joins the $39.99 party!

With the launch of the Xbox 360 came the new game pricing point of $59.99 being pushed by most publishers (outside of Microsoft Games)... Well, it is time to rejoice fellow penny pinchers as the the $39.99 summertime Xbox 360 game party just got a bit more crowded...

BestBuy has Major League Baseball 2k6 for Xbox 360 at $39.99 this week with free shipping!

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TMoney5805d ago

At $59.99 and mixed reviews, "MLB 2K6" was out of the question. But at $39.99, Sega has hit my sweet spot. Best Buy, here I come.

G_CodeMonkey5804d ago

Mine no longer locks up, and the homerun derby and play in HD is pretty sweet.