Square Enix Mystery Countdown Revealed

Square Enix revealed on the recent edition of Shonen Jump the announcement of Final Fantasy Gaiden: The Four Warriors of Light. Click the link to see the scan shot.

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drdistracto7073397d ago

is anyone else tired of these?

jessehaysfl3397d ago

So when does Final Fantasy Gaiden: Sigma come out?

Is it exclusive?

Shinro3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

Final Fantasy: Tokyo Drift. -_-

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lordgodalming3397d ago

Art design looks like the Ivalice games (FF Tactics series, FFXII). I was hoping Square would continue those games on the home consoles but I should have known better. They love them some DS.

GayASSAdmins3397d ago

FF gaiden for NDS.

Guess I'll have to buy another FF game on DS.

lazzymusa3397d ago

two weeks ago I bought The Last Remnant for Pc thinking, I knew it was bad but I jus told myself it couldn't be worse that FF12, my bay this game sucks balls, Just gives me a whole lot to think about FFX111, I will definitely buy this DS game as well as X111 but only because i'm a slave to RPGS

vx3397d ago

SE need some attention haha poor guys

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