Tech-Gaming: Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman Review

Tech-Gaming writes: "Badman features a surprisingly robust story mode, a helpful training mode with extra challenge stages, an entertaining almanac, and an edit mode where you can design a party for your friends to battle. I would have liked more depth and features in the edit mode but the fact an edit mode is even included is nice. NIS recently announced Badman would be available as a PlayStation Network downloadable release instead of a retail UMD. This means you can easily snag the game for only $19.99 USD which I feel is definitely worth the price. Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! is a must for fans of action RPGs, action/puzzle games, unconventional strategy games, and anyone looking for something innovative done right. Please support this great game to encourage NIS to localize the sequel, which is already out in Japan".

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