appVersity: Super Collider Review

appVersity writes: "In the game of Super Collider (developed by Pixel Mine – the folks behind Underworlds) you use your finger to move around a particle of antimatter trying to avoid contaminated/charged particles and pick up the good ones. Why? That's actually the cool/strange part.

It seems that there was an accident and all the best scientific minds in the world, not to mention the biggest computers, have all failed at fixing things and they've given total control to you so that the world can be saved. See mom… I told you playing video games non-stop wasn't a waste of time! I'm saving the world!

Actually I like that little bit of back-story. It reminds me of why I play games, and how much I hate it when a game doesn't add in at least something. Kudos to Pixel Mine."

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