WTP: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Review

WTP writes: "The game also features an online component, allowing players to play competitively against each other in a robust assortment of modes. This online section consists of the tried and true modes such as deathmatch (everyone running around blasting each other,) "control points," where players must maintain possession of areas on the map, or "battle for the shards," which is a variation on capture the flag modes. Each different character available in the multiplayer modes has different abilities and attacks available to them, allowing for each person to have a role to play – one robot will be the designated soldier, equipped with a basic gun and/or missiles; one will have healing abilities, allowing for them to act as a medic; one will take on the sniper role – you get the point. With this variety in abilities, combined with the ability to transform into a vehicle, players will be able to quickly traverse the various maps and reach any objective while taking on a very specific responsibility in these online battles".

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