WTP: The Conduit Review

WTP writes: "Another interesting feature found in "The Conduit" is its extremely flexible control scheme. You can change almost everything, from button/motion inputs, running speed, reload blur and even your HUD (Heads Up Display) placement. Customization is king in "The Conduit," making bad controls nigh impossible as long as the player has his/her preferred settings at their disposal.??The ESRB has assigned a "Teen" rating to "The Conduit" with the following qualifiers: "Violence," "Mild Language" and "Blood." Realistic gunshots and exclamations of pain are audible during combat; wisps of red blood emit from human bodies when they are shot and orange substances squirt out of the wounded aliens. A few, minor expletives (hell, damn, etc.) are intermittently uttered in the voice-over dialogue".

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