WhatTheyPlay: My First Video Game

WTP writes:

"What's a great way to introduce kids (and adults) to games? Try these 16 titles.

Something we get asked more than anything else here at What They Play is "what's a good game to introduce someone to video games with?" This, and "what's the best age to start introducing games?" For the latter, all we can say is that it depends on your willingness to wield games as an entertainment incentive and your kids' appetite for gaming, but for the former we can certainly help.

Rather than simply bang out a quick list of games that's just aimed at very young kids, what we've done here is piece together a collection of great first gaming experiences. A large number of them are suited to children specifically, but we've also gathered together some "gateway games" for adults too. If you're trying to "convert" someone in your life to games, there are a few specific titles out there that will have them hooked in no time.

This topic is something that's always the subject of lively debate among parents and families, so if you have suggestions of games that we haven't included here please leave a comment and share your ideas with the What They Play community."

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