STP: Gremlin Empire Review

SlideToPlay writes: "How many webcomics actually have a readership large enough to justify a game on the App Store? The webcomic Bee must be popular, because it can now claim the game Gremlin Empire as part of its universe. Unfortunately, the little character this game has is quickly eclipsed by its technical flaws and undeveloped gameplay.

Gremlin Empire is an arcade shooter where you play as the protagonist of the webcomic Bee in a never-ending fight against gremlins of a scant few shapes and sizes.

You control Bee and her weapon with the two radial controls we iDevice players have come to know so well from games like iDracula. The game is set in a rectangular gray field, with mine carts and tracks leading off in a few directions. Unfortunately, you cannot follow any of these tracks, as you are confined to this small area."

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