A "total entertainment system" from Apple soon?

The Apple Corporation has recently filed a patent on what could be some kind of total home entertainment system that will read music and video from just about every medium from iPods, computers or stand-alone DVD players.

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BIadestarX4200d ago

Great to see apply showing some interest in gaming. About time!
But shouldn't they be pretty much upgrading their OS or adding something like DirectX to apeal to developer and bring more games into the system.

artman4200d ago

they are using openGL... it will crash OSX if they use directX

BIadestarX4200d ago

Windows also Runs OpenGL... DirectX 10 has a lot more features and it's easier to use than OpenGL which is why most games developed use DirectX. So, you can use those lame anti-microsoft crap all you want.. but until Mac give users more than 1 option(openGL) which is not even given by mac they will have a hard time convincing developers to make games for the mac... why dont they make their own version of OpenGL or DirectX? If they are so good at what they do?

pshizle4200d ago

did microsoft make directX???

Boink4200d ago

apple is dead, stick with the ipods and move on...

nice_cuppa4200d ago

they want 600 for a phone for god sake.

r10004200d ago

yea and people will pay for it....

But if sony does it... yet people complain

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