Master Chief Shoots Out The Blastacular Map Pack says that the Halo 2 'Blastacular Map Pack' is now available for download over Xbox Live. This pack is US $4.00, and it contains two maps: Tombstone and Desolation.

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Sphinx4206d ago

I'm psyched. I haven't been playing Halo 2, but I'll download this tonight, and start playing again.

Sphinx4206d ago

it depends on how late my class goes, and if my pregnant wifey will let me :)
Anyone else that wants to play some Halo 2, add UnmaskedHero (that's me) to your friends list.

DixieNormS4206d ago

CheeseNfries! That's a lot of cash considering that the Halo 3 Beta is coming. But I'm a sucker for halo maps anyday anyways.

Underlined4206d ago

fun maps! The Hang 'em High remake, I'm not sure if it's Tombstone or Desolation, is really good, the other one not so much. I would say it's worth it.

Diselage4206d ago

I really don't know if i like the remake of derelict, i liked the oringal well enough but i don't think the remake is going to hold up in matchmaking as being a good map with out a BR start, even with the BR start the map really may not be fantastic.

Hang'em High remake, Tombstone, is fantastic though i think. The map seems like it will allow for alot of the same strat. that was in the orignal.